Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31- Rides # 105,106,107

On 5/4 Sherlock came in from the pasture cut. Again. Inner LF, just below the knee. Shallow, swollen only in inside of cannon bone. Bute in grain tonight. Asked them to keep in for me tomorow morning.

5/5 Leg still swollen a bit but not lame. Grain, turnout.

5/7 Leg still swollen but walking perfectly sound. Grain with BL solution.

5/8 ride #105. Grain, rode 30 minutes, walk/trot. Nice quiet ride, poles, turns, contact. Practiced emergency dismount.

5/9 ride #106. AM fed grain, no pasture turnout due to rain. PM rode 20  minutes bareback, walk, turns, whoa, back. Sherlock especially enoyed biting my foot today.

5/10. farrier AM. I was running late and din't stretch him first and he was pretty stiff. Geldings galloping out to pasture very distracting. Not good. Got through it but had some arguments.Wear patterns uneven- growth on RF and LH, the others didn't grow. She couldn't take mush off and he was sore afterwards. Put sole toughener on. Grain w/ Cosequin/ BL solution. Cut looking good, no swelling. Called Dr. Deb for chiro work.

5/13 1PM Dr. Deb Chiro appointment. Neck OK, hips needed work,  SI, T1, R hock. Well-behaved and quiet for adjustments. I told her the farrier admitted she thought I was crazy the first time she saw Sherlock (and the second and third as well) and Dr. Deb said she also thought I might have gone round the bend, but that I had ended up with a really nice horse once he relaxed and didn't have pain.

Preparing for lesson
5PM Ride #107 walk only lesson with Amy. Contact, 20m circle around x, wide hands, bending/counterbending, spiral in/out. Sherlock did very well- after  learning to counterbend he promptly used it against me to avoid going nto the corner. Now that I've taught him this I have to remember how to reverse it.  Archery work at halt and walk. Need guideline for distance, like a ground pole, he kept getting too close. Arrow bounced off edge of target and hit his shoulder- he didn't care. Good boy! No spookiness with new quiver.

Lots of rain and tender feet this week. Hand-grazing along our little road for calories and desensitizing. Be sure to check my next blog post about the Samurai exhibition- lots of horsey stuff there!

5/20 Rode in from pasture in the PM. Bareback with rope halter. Other geldings decided to come in too and galloped by, but Sherlock held up well. Some racehorse jig but settled nicely.

Yummy tall grass.
Muddy. Sherlock's R hip looked sore and stiff when turning.

5/25 Ears itchy, esp. Left. No unusual dirt, looked down in w/ flashlight...

5/26 Rode in from pasture. A little spooky at muskrat swimming in pond but handled it well.

5/28 So rainy lately, it looks like Sherlock has lost weight. Might just be that he's getting unfit again.  weight tape #874

5/29 weight tape #902. Rode in from pasture. Used emergency dismount due to Remington crowding the gate area. Sherlock was very good. Groomed, fed grain, found 4 tick bites on tail bone. Brushed out and applied scarlet oil to all. Ointment on leg, that cut is almost gone.

5/31 Good deep grooming and grain PM. Tickbites medicated and we grazed on the roadside again.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 30-Bath day, rides #102-104

4/18 Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed. Ate well, I groomed him and changed from heavy blanket to rainsheet. No preciptation but it's still muddy- maybe he will stay a little cleaner with the sheet on.

4/19 Ride #102. 45 minutes outdoor arena. Nice ride with trot poles and some strong trots, with Luna following. Sidepass around cone. Was quite scared of Dusty lurking by the arena fence! Grazed 10 minutes and gave Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed combo. Pasture all ahoo due to Lady living in round pen today. Dusty and Brownie aggressive at gate when I took Sherlock out, better when we came back in.

4/20 Came in nicely from pasture for grain and grazing in in-between zone. I think the little clover like plants that are his favorite are alfalfa coming up. Yum yum. Saw fox crossing the driveway today!

4/21 2pm came in from pasture well, Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed plus some grazing time. Flies were bad so I went back for fly mask and caught him again for mask. He was great. Flyover of 4 military helicopters didn't interest him very much. 3 single-rotors and a big 2-rotor. Saw the big one landed at Longmont Airport! Saw the whole crew again heading South when I was in Louisville.

Before bath.

4/22 Ride #103 BATH! Bucket bath with minimal soap while he ate his grain. Took him and grain outdoors for to dry, while I shortened his mane and cleaned it up. When dry enough I rode 10 minjutes bareback, working on bending w/t. Then let him roll in the arena. Looking skinny after a couple big storms and paddockmate changes.

After bath! 
4/23 Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed plus some extra hay in paddock.
4/24 added Ulcergard to grain today- no CoolCal. Grazed.
4/25 Ulcergard grain day 2/4. Grazed
4/26 Grain/cosequin with added alfalfa pellets. Increased grain. Good manners. Rainy and cold again.

4/27 Ride #104 30 min indoors. Sherlock jumped something in the paddock running to me when I called- Ditch? Log? He looked good! Grain, hay. Sherlock was a bit grumpy about girth but we went slow. Bending lines, trot 10 steps, trot 20 steps, trot once around. Several reps. Practiced drifting hind end out on turns, turn on haunhes from a backup. Stand on one side of barrel, sidepass and turn on forehand until on other side of barrel facing the same direction as before. After ride practiced "touch" command with hand, pole, barrel, ball and mounting block. Getting very smart!

4/28 Snowing AM. Got him blanketed before he got wet. Not really that cold so did rain sheet. Very grouchy about blanket- biting and bucking- but after Banamine was his old self.

4/29 Snowing AM.  When I got there Sherlock was soaked through his rain sheet! Shaking cold - got him in and pulled rainsheet off in indoor arena through threats to kick and nasty faces. Left him there while I got the grain out and soaked. Watched him pacing, pawing and rearing up while I got ready. Took him a handful of hay and he walked politely with me to his grain with day 3/4 Ulcergard. put backup blanket on and towel-dried him off, then put heavy blanket on.  H arrived and asked me to put him back with Joe, Tashi, and Scout instead. Grey and Brownie don't let anyone else in the shelter. Happy to do that!

4/30 Light snow AM. Back in top next-to-arena paddock but has Joe, Tashi, Perry, and Scout with him! Yay! Much more peaceful group. Groomed, cleaned muddy feet, trimmed mane and bridle path. Thinning shears worked great on bridle path! Looks very nice and he tolerates the lighter sound better than a normal scissor. Day 4/4 of my Ulcergard supply. Hard to tell if it helped with such a small sample that I was not able to give 4 days in a row, in such a high-stress time with bad housemates and bad weather.
Enjoying watching some Rolex eventing  and cleaning house in prep for Second Thanksgiving this weekend!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17- ride #100, 101

Heading back out to pasture
3/21 ride #100- hooray a milestone! Sherlock was very fussy for cinching up, worked indoors on fitness. Trotting 3x around arena then a minute to catch his breath playing with the tarp, cones, ball, hula hoops, whatever he could grab and fling.

3/22 Groomed, grain with Banamine as snow is coming again. Talked to another boarder who I hadn't really met before about TBs. She follows the current racers. Cool.

3/24 Grain, Snow. Sherlock was eating the snow so I hiked/slid down to check the water tank. It was fine. ?

3/25 Grain. Still very muddy and slick. Groundwork day, leading over pole, then did a teensy crossrail, dragging stuff, turning around barrels, mounting block.

3/27 Ride #101. Grain, groomed. Rode 20 min indoor bareback. Walking, stretching my sore back. Good for mounting, played with tarp with anxious horse watching him. Very good boy.

3/28 Grain, grooming. Moved to Eagles paddock. New eldery horses arrive tomorrow.

3/29 Grain w/Banamine. Groomed, very sore belly but improved. Great for farrier! Really perfect. LF angle has turned a bit negative to where it usually is. She worked on fixing that.

3/30 Muddy, rain/snow mix. New pair hogging shelter. Sherlock wore rain sheet but seemed fine

4/1 Grain. Out in East Pasture, called him in easily though he missed me at the middle gate and went to the one they use to go in at night, then had to come back. Everyone enjoying first turnout in a while!
PM Barn called- Sherlock resting LH and walking very stiff. I got there and checked, Walking wobbly/stiff downhill (remember he was just trimmed). No obvious sore spots, wounds, swelling. Didn't want to take weight on LH for hoof cleaning but once he did he was fine. Grain with 1g Bute.

4/2 AM came early for grain with Bute. Sherlock did his stretches, back up, haunches yield. Swollen L side neck just at shoulder. Walk and trot on longe very stiff, twisting L hock and making it pop every step. Reduced forward range of motion. No turnout for you today.
Came at Lunchtime for Barn meeting. Grain with Buteless, Cosequin and wormer! Walked better, walked over poles and turned. Less stiff more willing. Sore walking uphill to paddock.

All my attempts came out like this.
4/3 Grain with Bute, cosequin. Walking better, not as unbalanced-looking. Hand-stretched all legs, did very well.

4/4 AM Grain with Bute, cosequin. Walk/Trot sound, if a bit stiff. Downhuill well, turned out to pasture!

4/5 Vaccination clinic. Rabies, 4-way, West Nile. Well-behaved, barely noticed vet as he had some extra hay. Stiff turning but otherwise sound. Grain w/ Cosequin.

4/9 Grain w/Cosequin all week. Doing well. New bite mark not breaking the skin L back right close to the spine.

4/10 Grain between the East and Meadow Pastures, some grass there now. Galloping the pasture looks great.
4/11 Exactly the same but now when I leave sherlock hangs around the middle gate trying to figure out how to get to that grass. Sorry, my boy.

4/12 Grooming, grain/cosequin. Light w/t free longe over poles. Dr Deb came and adjusted Sherlock, he was great for her. A few faces when she was working on the R side. T1 bilat, also withers bilat, low back, SI joint. Walked well after, kicking out with LH after adjustment but settled.

4/15 Grain/Bananine. We did stretches, walk over poles and coached "touch" with both ball and mounting block.
English saddle fitter Bev came today!  Sherlock was still sore ribs on R side. But he is very even bilaterally with good even mucle development. Long withers dropping slowly down his back.Wide shoulders but not as wide in the back. Change to MED gullet using my good sheepskin pad and recheck in 3 months. He was excellent for her and she loved him. Blanketed for storm coming

4/16 Sherlock was the only one still eating in the snowstorm. Everyone else in shelter. Gave Grain. Added Cool Calories and some Ground Flaxseed to convince him to eat the CoolCal. Blanket looked soaked through but he was not wet. Dried his neck and face while in barn. Nicely behaved. Got partway into shelter as I left.
But I LIKE my food on the floor!

Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18-rides 91-99 New Saddles!

Wow! So busy it's been hard to keep up.

2/17 Ride 91- 15 minutes indoors bareback/sidepull. BIG trot, jeez he has a huge trot bareback. I'm used to sitting any trot bareback, he is more athletic than I am right now, though! practiced emergency dismount.

Windy days, longing and free-longing, watching leg cuts heal up.

2/24 Ride 92- 30 Minutes indoors. walk, trot, over poles. Trot really excellent, self-carriage really feeling it!
Sherlock keeps a weather eye on the Canadian geese

2/25 Ride 93- New Western saddle. Walk, trot 5 minutes.Nice long strides, but poppy into trot. Saddle rings rattle and need silencing (fleece strips tied on or something). Feels like twist is a bit wide, stirrups still need adjusting.

2/27 Ride 94-indoors in new Western saddle one hour. Shortened stirrups massively. Tashi and his people riding, Sherlock was a bit anxious. Worked on Stand for 1 minute straight. 10-steps walk/trot transitions. Trot transitions poppy but my balance was really quite bad today. Sherlock a bit mouthy today- enjoyed playing with hula hoops and cones.

2/28 Ride 95- 15 minutes indoors new Western saddle, stirrups better today but my ankles are sore.Walk excellent, one trot transition super nice! Cinchy, didn't push today. Remounted after picking up tarp he wanted to play with, dismounted from right side.

Windy and rainy. light free longing, teaching "touch" command . Mostly with ball.

3/5 Barn meeting with Animal Control about Evacuation plans, IDs etc. Nice ladies.
Ride 96- 1 hour indoors with lots of horses. Playing with tarp so I put it between 2 poles and walked over it a lot. Figure-8s around cones with pushing hindquarters out on turns. Backup through cones. Good day, horses in pasture again now that mud has dried a bit.

3/6 Ride 97- English saddle FITS! Light ride walk only, over poles, around cones. Flinchy when steered left, even striking out a bit under saddle, really needs teeth done. Practiced loading in trailer since T left it for us to practice. Slow going but loaded twice and even backed out once.

3/7 Sharon rode! Amy's student got a beginner lesson on Sherlock and he was amazing. Walk, whoa, steering. Very patient and kind. Very proud of my boy!

3/11 Ride 98- 30 min indoor. English/sidepull. Walk, nice trot but new stirrup leathers are squeaky so I did 2-point position at trot all the time. Good leg and balance workout. Trot poles, backup 10 steps nice and light. Played with ball.

3/12 Vet, teeth and sheath. Significant hooks, esp. caudal (back teeth).Yes, very sharp on right side. Floated all, blunted L bottom canine (R bottom one never came in). Slightly parrot-mouthed so she evened out incisors as well. Again took a little extra tranq to finish. Sheath not bad but 3-4 small beans. Recommended both every year.

3/14 weather changing. Played with ball, "touch" command, stretches. Let barn worker's kids help groom- he was fussy at first and stomped around but soon settled into the attention. Grain.

3/15 Ride 99- 30 min indoor. Nice walk/trot. I need to work on maintaining contact when downward transitioning, both times to the R I just dropped him and felt his hind feet stumble. Still doing 2-point all the trot. Break times playing with ball while I catch my breath. Too close to gate turning L and broke peacock stirrup rubber band. Grain with banamine, blanketed.

Came by in the evening and ended up helping Sarah move house.

3/16 Again helped Sarah pack. Said hi to Sherlock and gave him some treats. If he hears me, he comes to the gate and whinnies for me. So sweet.

3/17, 3/18 Snowstorm ! and my R ankle  locked up very badly so stuck in the house. Watching Seane Corn do lots of yoga for conty $ . I do really like her but 32 hours of yoga is beyond the beyond.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14- Snow, ride 90

Happy Valentine's Day!

So we sended January with some quiet days, and then the snow began. Three days of snow. We did grain and free-longing walk/trot/canter in the indoor.

2/6 Ride #90. Indoors, bareback pad and sidepull bridle. 45 minutes indoors with 4 other horses! Sherlock was anxious about the other horses but again no battles broke out and it was a good experience. Practiced gate-opening types of skills, narrow spaces, shallow bends, standing next to other horses in a lineup. Stable meeting afterwards.

2/9 Farrier came. Sherlock was very good, a bit stiff RH both moving forward and stretching back. Hind hooves are really taking shape nicely. Fronts still a bit contracted, could use to grow out a bit.

One of the ladies at the stable just tried the Wintec AP I bought but it's not the right fit for her and her horse. Darn. I have put the flyer up at the barn with the 3 saddles for sale. I guess it's eBay time. CTRC's tack sale is in March -I could donate all 3 saddles and take it off next year's taxes if all else fails.

Peaceful days- Specs watching over napping Sherlock

Friday, January 29, 2016

Jan 29- rides #84-89, loss and gain

Pink for the new year!
When I came home from Christmas travels, Sherlock was wearing an unfamiliar blanket. His old blanket was not in the laundry. So I went to Murdoch's (just take my paycheck already) and bought a new blanket, and attired him properly (in pink).

We had our first all-stable meeting at a local pizza place on January 2nd. Yes, my blanket was in the shop after being shredded. Fun meeting, I was only reprimanded for not having leg straps on my blanket, but now Sherlock has a new one so already all fixed!

1/3 ride 84- Belly tight with some edema. Brief walk only with bareback pad indoors. He was scared of the light coming through the partly-open doors. Walked sound, well-behaved. Had a good scratch and roll afterwards.  Grain w/Banamine.

1/4 ride 85- Rode outside 30 minutes. Walk/trot. Footing passable on rail with some decent passages across arena. English with halter. New pad makes mounting such a trial! Saddle tries to slip and girth is always super-loose once I get into the saddle. Sherlock was good for mounting after some initial begging for treats. Luna was with us and followed everywhere. Good transitions, practiced backing up around cone. L bad, R improved lightness.

1/5 ride 86- Rode indoor 10 minutes. Grain with banamine. Wasn't planning to ride but Amy lent me her riser pad so I got on for a few minutes. Not as slippery but seriously cantle-high- I kept sliding forward.  Not the solution. Lesson scheduled.

1/6 Blankets off, Groomed, grain. Sherlock didn't want to go back in the paddock. "Aren't you going to ride?"

Lots of heavy work, came every day for grain and blanket checks. I don't have many notes.
Strange time, one of the barn workers passed away of a heart attack this week. Nice guy, younger than me I think. A bit of a curmudgeon, perhaps, but witty and I will miss his greeting, "Well good morning, sunshine!"
Got a FB message from Alissa that she needed more barn work so called her in to help. She and Clover are at Green Tree, very close by. She will be helping out in the mornings at least for a while.

1/16 ride 87- Rode 1 hour indoor bareback. Walk/trot. Other horses in arena, good for him to follow Jinny. Trotted 4 poles very tough, 2 trot poles more his level right now. A bit fussy physically, but really on mentally. Loved weaving the poles, stopping at barrel for me to touch it, pulled down the hula hoops to play with.

Nice ride in sidepull
1/17 ride 88- Lesson with Amy 1 hour English. Trotting 2 poles, transitions every 7 steps, trot all the way around arena. Anxious with other horses around but handled it. Sidepull halter is starting to wear out. Homework: bring leather/rope sidepull, trotting 5 times around, at least 2 rounds in 2-point position. Amy was surprised he was so sound, had looked sore in paddock earlier in the week. Cuts on legs all almost healed up, just small white scabby spots.

1/19 ride 89- Outdoors 1 hour English with Lissa's old sidepull. Fits him pretty well. Nice trot esp. with me in 2-point (getting in shape), and he walks when I put my hands down to balance. Racehorse training, I think. Trotted all the way around once, walked diagonal, all the way around again. Nice strong free trot with Amy's saddle on. Sidepass-circles both ways around cones, with breaks to chew on and fling the cones.

Worked on lunging this week as well, he prefers to be right next to the gate so we worked on staying in the far corners instead.Was able to turn him out after for some canter work free lunging. Tired pretty quick.

1/24 Missed the memorial service as had previous plans for Broncos game. All horses got green ribbons in their manes. Sounds like it was very sweet.
Wormed 1/26. Green ribbon still there. Last to hang on.
Turnout 1/28- at last back in the Meadow Pasture! Re-introducing the two groups of geldings exciting screeches and stomps. Sherlock came when called, setting off a cavalry charge as everyone followed. Cookies and a quick check of his eyes (poked him with my thumb trying to take halter off the day before!) which look fine. Still has green ribbon.
1/29 Groomed, got all the mud off again. Ribbon finally lost. Grain with Banamine as snow is expected soon!

I put 3 of my 5 saddles up for sale and am searching for one to fit Sherlock. In the meantime I have Amy's Wintec to borrow, thank goodness.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dec 19- recovery time, ride #83

Sherlock has been improving steadily with his cut legs, and has been sound for light lunging and extreme rampaging about at dinnertime. We don't remember very well how to lunge with the rope on, must practice.

I find myself saying he doesn't remember how to do things, but then I realize I am not holding up my part of the bargain- by not giving him the cues he understands. Lunging is tough for him, and if I don't move my feet to make some noise he has to keep looking for me when I am on his blind side. So it's both of us who need to practice.

12/11 Massage/chiropractor came and worked on a bunch of horses. She used a massager-machine that is put on like a saddle. Sherlock was a bit twitchy but settled into it. His back was sore and some ribs out on the right side.
After massage I let Sherlock eat a little bit and grabbed out both my new saddle and Amy's. I have purchased the wrong saddle model. Mine has the deeper seat, with a stronger cantle angle. Which makes the cantle higher. Still it seems to fit the same- if I can just balance it.

Busy week with a big blizzard. Not much turnout. Backing off meds to 1g Bute every other day. I can give more grain on days with no Bute. If he has a whole scoop of grain with Bute in it, he skips the bad-tasting part. If he has a half-scoop he eats it all no matter what's in it.

12/19 ride #83 Rode 30 minutes mostly walking. New saddle and reverse-wedge pad, rope halter. Mounting tough with saddle slipping around- pad compresses once weight hits it, and that makes the girth very loose when I try to get on. Might cut it back off the withers. Sherlock did stop to have the pad adjusted once- will need more duct tape to secure pad. Better with pad adjusted, trotted well. A bit stiff for sure. Neck stretches, turns on forehand, shallow serpentines.
Good ride, willing if a bit creaky. Nice ride to end the year on!