Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24- More MUD +bits Ride 62,63,64

My training journal says:

Cleaning up the grain bucket.
5/16 Ride 62. Rinsed him off decently. Very sloppy everywhere. Finally got the Courbette saddle from Hawaii. Tried it on him and walked without stirrups (I had left them on the old saddle) in the indoor arena. OK fit but pinching withers if he raised his head.

5/17 Ride 63. Outdoor arena with Courbette with homemade tester half-pad (memory foam bath mat cut in half lengthwise). Walk/trot, walk over poles. Sore-footed, definitely from standing in mud so much. Good-natured. Refresher in standing for mounting, turn on forehand, back, whoa. Today preferred front of arena and wouldn't approach the back corner nearest the pasture which is usually a favorite place to stop and watch Beatrice throw a fit that he's gone.

5/19 fed grain in pasture. MUD MUD MUD

5/24 Ride 64. Rinsed legs again, better manners this time. VERY stiff picking up both hind feet, wanted to stretch forward instead. Slipped in the mud? Seems likely. I don't think I can get the horse chiropractor out before the farrier comes on next Friday. Very short easy ride in half-flooded round pen (I will take a shovel to it next time I swear) with bareback pad and new Western bit. Trying to introduce leverage bit but he hated the single-joint mouthpiece and he hated the double-joint copper mouthpiece one today. I should sell them both and buy a Myler... Very fussy and easily distracted, but he has not had a lot of exercise lately with the footing being so awful.

At least the grass is growing nicely, and Sherlock gets to enjoy some hand-grazing as we walk to the barn and back. This picture as about as clean as he ever got this month. And still had mud in his mane.

The best part of the day- snack time

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