Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th- Today

And today, Sherlock is in his new home! It's a bit further East but not too much further to drive.
Sherlock grazing under the cottonwood tree.

I watched Max pass his pre-purchase exam, and then loaded Sherlock to be Liz's first horse move of the day! She took Max to his new home in Colorado Springs and then moved her own 2 horses and Clover and the foal. Yikes! What a day!
Sherlock loaded very nicely, waited for me to get out and close the door, and came to the window to have his halter off. Perfect. Could not ask for more. When we arrived I stepped back in, put the halter on, and he stepped carefully out. He was so excited! We went in and started walking the fenceline, but anytime the little mustang Sebastian cam close Sherlock get very nervous. We circled back to the trees where there was a shady spot to graze, then tried the other side of the pasture, working back towards the gate to the water tank. He looked at the next-door horses a bit then we went back to the gate and I let him go. I got my white duct tape and watched sherlock run away from Sebastian for a few tense minutes.
"Pay attention!" I kept shouting as he neared the fence- and he'd put his head down and look, and turn. No mishaps. He followed me all the way out to the South end of the pasture along the fence before fleeing Sebastian again. Sherlock outruns him easily, and after a couple of laps settled again under the trees.

Water-cooler conversations 
When I reached the water tank this time Sherlock came to meet the others. He sniffed noses politely then tried to bite. Every time. Sniff- Squeal of anger from other horse. Sniff-Squeal. He wasn't so sure about the new water but I used it to cool his sweaty neck and shoulders and nose, and soon he was drinking it. I left him under the trees, with water, grass and a large amount of hay.

Sherlock and Sebastian
The next day things were calmer. Sherlock came running when I called and we walked to the water tank, and I gave him more hay. Lots of petting and no pressure.

Yesterday when I went to check on Sherlock,  I whistled and called to no avail. I loaded up the hay feeder and got my brush box out, then started hiking out to get him. Suddenly he saw me and came running in, whinnying frantically. OK, that's better.  Was starting to think I was forgotten. He ate his hay while I gave him a good grooming and slathered him with just about every fly repellent that can be purchased in Colorado.  Sebastian was quite shocked that Sherlock allowed himself to be sprayed with smelly, scary hissy stuff.

So, I am very happy with the new place. I don't have a key yet for the tack room but fellow boarder D let me put my saddle in. Sherlock is gaining weight already and looks happy. I hope to walk sherlock from his pasture up to the tack area and introduce sheep and very large horses into his life experience.

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