Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14-sore foot

As the title suggests, Sherlock has a sore foot. I was starting to be concerned that it might be a broken pedal or coffin bone but a few days in the stall wearing an Easyboot helped a lot. Removal of the Easyboot made him very lame, putting it back on helped immediately. So, a bruised sole.

Shelock and Max
Sherlock did very well in the stall overall, but was starting to fight with the Paint next door. They both had cut legs, probably from kicking the fence between them. I left my feed pan within someone's reach and found it broken in the Paint's stall the next day. So I put Easyboots on both his front feet and took Sherlock back to his paddock. I walked him in the round pen a bit first but once he realized he was heading home he got really excited. He still walked well and stood for taking the halter off nicely, but then was very excited greeting everyone and meeting Taco for the first time- M's horse whose stall we borrowed. They got butt-to-butt and pushed on each other but minimal kicking and screaming later Sherlock and Max were hanging out together and Zip was protecting the ponies.

Sherlock has a HUGE trot he shows when he's really excited. I hope to catch this on film someday. Maybe he will do well with dressage if we choose to do some.

So a tough week but warming up and getting muddy instead of icy. I ordered Easyboots that are meant more for everyday wear, but the old ones are doing well, he hasn't lost one yet.

Gray had a good birthday. I worked a lot, both for ST and Ziji. We went to the ST office party, got bored and went home to watch the Broncos lose their game. Holiday plans are coming together, with car chosen and dogsitter acquired. Tonight making mac and cheese. Tomorrow The Hobbit and last gaming day before vacation.

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