Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2- trail walk, sore knee

Wednesday Sherlock and I went for a trail walk with Grayson and Luna the dog. I led Sherlock and Luna got some off-leash time.  Relaxed grazing along the way. Walked out well when interested, he can really stretch those legs when he wants. A bit spooky over ditch crossing when walking between truck ruts, but really did well.

Got Mints?

Thursday Sherlock was visibly lame in the paddock, fed only with extra BL-Solution.
Friday he trotted in to get his feed but was lame on the Right side. Right leg swollen only on the pastern, sore only behind the knee. I thought maybe it was a tendon strain. Cold water sponging while he ate his grain. Slow walk just from paddock to round pen and back. Watched people working with flag in round pen. BL-Solution in feed.

Saturday BL-Solution in feed. swelling much improved, small area of tightness and soreness inside and below R knee. Sponged again with a full bucket of cold water.
Sunday much the same but his belly seemed a bit tight in the morning, so I added 100# dose of Banamine to an afternoon bran mash. Snow is coming, maybe Tuesday, and several horses have colicked.

Monday no swelling except for small area behind knee which feels more tight than puffy. BL- Solution and 100# dose of Banamaine today in feed. Very windy today so I put on his fly mask as well to protect his eyes from flying dust and debris.

So no great achievements - well, going on a trail walk was quite good. Sherlock did well and was not too nervous out in the open away from all other horses. He's taking a small dose of Banamine willingly in his bran mash so no arguments about medicine. And he's been very good having his leg prodded and ice-watered. Snow and cold weather expected for the next few days and we are ready for it.
In out of the wind- Max, Sherlock in fly mask and Zip

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