Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3- Happy New Year

Sherlock checks out Flat Stanley
Happy New Year!

What a year it has been. From retiring Sirah through the stresses of the horse search to finding Sherlock and getting started riding him.

Just returned from a week's travels to reconnect with my horse. I seem to think he's going to forget everything while I'm gone but he was glad to see me and the feed bucket the first day back, and yesterday he was great for grooming and very light work.

He had diaper scald- must have had a bad day while we were gone- but accepted cleaning and lotion without any fuss. Such a good boy. Bitten up a bit, and he looks afraid of Taco. But he's in good weight, and his coat is heavy and warm.

Sherlock checked out my Flat Stanley, who is traveling the country as part of my friend S's daughter's geography class. And then we did some light free longe, just walk and trot to test his soundness. He looked very well but his hocks were a bit loud at first, worked out of it quickly. Thought it might be his right hock and stifle twisting just a bit as he walked. Chiropractor time again soon.

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