Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21- Ride 19, 20

Last week I spent catching up at work, with only short visiting time for Sherlock.

Saturday the 18th Gray, Luna and I headed out there. Woke Sherlock up, he has a favorite nap spot now but got right up when called. Turned out first and he had a nice run, unfortunately didn't see a small jump standard that was in shadow and ran right over top of it. Not hurt- I moved those standards into full sunlight and he didn't have a problem with them later.

Tried the sheepskin pad again with the Happy Mouth D-ring bit. He was fiddling with it quite a lot but willing to go forward, walked and trotted well but not much contact. Fussy for turns on forehand, doesn't like the combination of cues. Sidepassed along fenceline well, whoa not great, back was ok. I felt like my leg was very loose and pics show saddle a bit crooked. Had grain and a nice roll. Gray took pictures!

Monday I was back again for ride #20. I groomed and rode in the round pen using the Aurigan eggbutt bit that was Lissa's fave. Sherlock hated it and could barely be steered with it as he was too busy chewing on it. Gave him 10 minutes carrying it and then took it off and rode in rope halter with leadline tied together under the chin. Worked on serpentines steering with leg/weight, whoa on weight alone, and back then walk off straight. Nice ride, low pressure, did some 2-point to strengthen my leg. Practiced dismounting on off side, then worked on not passing me back to pasture. Good progress.

So, I guess I'm going to be using the Myler D-ring for the moment, and the rope halter sidepull. Sherlock being very good, moving forward well, almost decided to canter but my leg felt too weak, got to get more secure first.

Good horse, good weather!

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