Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17-Ride #35 gaining

Very busy week working, fed Sherlock beer grain mixed with his usual grain every day.

6/11 Ride #35- Tacked up at tie rail in front of barn, new English bridle fitted and went out to the outdoor. Gate is still broken so we stuck to the non-gate end, walked some poles and pole bending before it started thundering and lightning strikes to the North of us. Did a circle around the arena (scared of passing by gas of shavings but handled it calmly given a few moments to stare) and dismounted and went back to the barn.

When we reached the tie rail, the trash truck was just arriving. So I moved Sherlock a little farther back, where if he did get spooked he had room to move without endangering himself with the farrier's truck.  He stood his ground and watched them pick up the dumpster, set it down, compact the trash, and drive off. And he watched them drive off and pick up next door, and go away off down the street. No snort, no spook, just fascinated until the truck was out of sight. Farrier was pretty impressed.

Took him in the barn and fed him his grain, then grazed the grass on the way back to the paddock. Really good day, super well-behaved.

Sherlock at the hay net.
6/12 Raining, groomed and fed grain before Dr. Deb arrived to adjust him. He picked up all 4 feet for her and stretched nicely, sore over hips in SI joint and in withers, neck was pretty good. Weight-taped 870#, gaining well!

6/13 Fed grain and measured for custom bridle from Uisce Saddlery of Ireland! Liz suggested her and I think a custom bridle for half the price of a decent show bridle is quite the deal!

6/16 Fed grain and tried on new royal blue sports boots and bell boots. Looking good for Halloween- bought saddlecloth rayon material and felt for numbers. Now I just have to find my iron...

6/17 Fed grain, cleaned hooves and hung out with Terri and Rocket. V left today and the girls who feed are happy about that. Note to self: never make an enemy of the person who takes care of your animals.

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