Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 4-Ride 33,34 groceries needed

Sherlock 5/20 
Wow- really busy here with several freelance projects. A book to edit, a website to arrange, and a bunch of super art to sell on eBay!

Sherlock has been having some time off to gain weight, but I did get to ride some in late May.

5/20 Ride 33. Indoor arena English/sidepull. Walked over poles, worked on stretching and forehand turns.
Started compressed alfala-mix hay for additional calories. Measured for protective boots- he'll take a royal blue Medium in the boots I'm planning to get for him.

5/26 Ride 34. Round pen bareback pad/rope halter. Still a bit short-strided on the harder ground, walk only. Lots of backing a few steps, turns on forehand. L said he was caught in the electric tape- no cuts, no sign of trouble today.

5/29 Groomed in barn, farrier was there doing hot shoes. Good experience watching and smelling that, while eating a bunch of extra hay. Weight-taped 835#. UGH! Asked stable girls to feed more, and they gave them all lunch. They have a new hay that a lot of the horses won't eat, apparently. Sherlock will. I wonder how good the hay is since it must be last-year's. It was such a wet spring that almost no one has cut hay yet.

6/1 Small facial cut. More hay, added new fat-booster supplement for grain. Thinking about getting a month worth of ulcer meds. Give the new feed a chance. Still no sign of beer grain...
Lady did have her foal, a buckskin colt, and I keep forgetting to take pictures!
MacDuff at one day old

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