Monday, May 19, 2014

May 17- rides 31,32 Archery

I was sick again this week and low-energy but fed Sherlock every day.

Rocket returned from CSU with prognosis of possible riding later with continued stall rest. Lots of arthritis in that ankle.

Lady has still not had her foal- we have a betting pool now for birthday, sex and color of the foal.

5/14 Ride #31 I rode Sherlock for the first time in a while. His feet are still sore from the big changes farrier M made. He is not stocking up any more which means he's walking the paddock better. Still, showing some stiffness, hocks popping and not able to step under for turns. I got on bareback in the indoor for a few minutes to let him stretch out on the soft footing, and practiced turns on the forehand to work that hind end. He is accepting the cue very well now, but sometimes clearly sore stepping under.

5/16 I bought a hay bag and some compressed alfalfa. There isn't anywhere high enough to hang the bag to avoid Annie, well, not without a ladder. Still, I fed a small amount, I hope this will help get the weight on at last. It's been raining but not cold. New pinto horse in the paddock as her owner couldn't catch her. She seems shy and stands back from the others.

5/17 Saturday=Grooming day! Got all the mud off, brushed his forelock and mane out, shedded. Practiced braiding, he even handled his tail braid with minimal complaints. Fussier about mane braids up by his ears but was really good for first attempt. Ready to ride tomorrow!

5/18 Ride #32 Sunday Sherlock was still clean- saddled up and rode walk only in the outdoor arena. Walked over poles, backing, turn on forehand good today. Set up my target and picked up my bow. The sound the arrow makes coming out of the quiver is a bit scary, but actually shooting it doesn't really seem to bother him.

I hadn't realized I was going to be holding the bow in my left hand and trying to steer to set up the shot right-handed. You're always trained to steer left-handed so you have your right hand for the rope or polo mallet or whatever other reason you need your hand off the rein. So a very clumsy first neck-reining lesson and a few arrows shot.

T had not seen me riding yet and she was amazed at the rope halter sidepull. Sherlock likes it and he rode well in it today. Met two new people at the barn, gave Sherlock his grain and wet down a feeder-full of compressed hay for him.

New pinto mare has befriended Annie- the girl's club- and the paddock seems pretty quiet.

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