Friday, May 9, 2014

May 10- sore feet, flu

Slow progress this week.
Sherlock was sore after the farrier- since we are changing his foot angles for pleasure horse instead of race horse, he is some times sore for a few days. I put his Easyboots on for 2 days and used the sole toughener liquid on his feet, and gave him BL-Solution in his feed, but more than anything a little rain to soften the ground really helped.

A new horse was added to the paddock, a yearling gelding who Zip didn't take to. With nowhere else handy for wusses to live, the youngster stayed and Zip was moved to the Lesson Horse Pasture. Things seem quiet for the most part, the baby is a little dominant over Tooie but gets chased by Annie. Sherlock is half-and-half with Annie- he shares feed with her but doesn't run from her.

L moved her new filly into the Lesson Horse Pasture. She is a very pretty 3yo-even in that unbalanced stage where the shoulder height has not caught up with the hip height.  And she brought Lady back to have her foal. She's got a stall/run for now and then they'll be building one of the new paddocks for her and the foal. Could be anytime- she's not showing obvious signs but the foal is shifting, and with a snowstorm on the way, hopefully this weekend we'll have a new baby. My bet is a buckskin filly.

T took Rocket to CSU today for a full workup on his ankle. I hope the prognosis is good.

Gray and I have been sick all week. Just another flu, I guess. I'll take a head flu over a stomach one any day. We cleaned the garage enough to allow the addition of a new lawn mower to the family.

I'm glad they didn't show the races after the Derby. Awesome Sky got 4th in his race, but two other horses in the race didn't make it home safely. Best of luck to Appealing Alex and RIP Canadian Winner.

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