Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3-Happy Derby Day

Happy Derby Day everyone!

This week I rode bareback a couple of times, just walking to stretch my sore back. Sherlock has done well with these lazy days, we've worked on backing up, turning and halting off the lightest touch, and biting my toes for treats. Sherlock loves his carrot stretches now and offers them on voice command and in the saddle, even chewing on my boot to try to get my attention.

4/23 Wednesday Dr. Dave came to do Sherlock's teeth-  Sherlock was excellent for him, taking very little sedation for both teeth and sheath. Took a while to wake up enough to go back to paddock. Wormed him while he was too drowsy to argue...

Thursday very minor trailer practice. I stood in the trailer while he ate his grain.

The wind came up very strongly and for several days I just came out to check Sherlock's fly mask ( to protect him form the blowing dirt) and feed him. Every time I went in the early afternoon or lunchtime I woke him from his nap. Weight taped 902#

5/2 Friday rode briefly bareback (ride#30) in round pen to stretch for farrier. Funny step and slightly sore RF. Michelle came, Sherlock was excellent except for the last foot, which was the RH this time. Locked up in both hips, really making discomfort faces on last foot. Sore afterwards on the road and on the cement. But ok in arena and on grass.

5/3 Saturday went out before Derby coverage started. Fed with BL solution in grain. Slightly swollen RF fetlock but walked ok. Put flymask back on as gnats were back.

Hope the TV shows race #13 today- Sherlock's cousin Awesome Sky racing on Derby Day, in one of the undercards. Awesome Sky's mother is a full sister to Sherlock's mother.

Good luck and a safe trip to all those racing today!

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