Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18- ride #37, busybusy

Wow-working very hard during this time at two part-time jobs and selling items on eBay.

Sherlock looking good in blue.
On July 3 the pinto mare went back to the lesson horse pasture and Trigger moved in. Large disruption. Sherlock was very desperate to get back on top and they seemed to be fighting a lot, new bites and scrapes all the time. Really hot, 93-97 degrees for days.

July 9 Rode in indoor. Walk, small amount of trot, walked over poles. Free longed more trot afterwards for conditioning.  Recall game over pole when he realized I had carrots! Grain and some alfalfa hay.

Then it began raining every day and making everything really muddy and slick.
July 12th I fed Sherlock in the paddock and got trapped in the shelter by a thunderstorm. Sherlock was good a while and then he'd push Trigger outside, so I drove him out too. After a couple times getting wet he hid behind me and was good. I hope this helps.

July 13 Worked in round pen 30 minutes- walk/trot/canter, and over groundpole. Just enough to need to catch breath twice, worked up a sweat. Hosed down.

July 16 Good grooming, all mud scraped off, worked indoors, w/t/c. Put on citronella leg bands and collar to keep flies off without needing flyspray while I'm away. Smelly! But they work- almost immediately stopping the stomping.

Getting ready for Vail vacation. C is going to feed Sherlock his grain while I'm gone. Glad to have someone watching over him.

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