Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31- Back..from vacation

Titled as such because I returned from a wonderful week in Vail with a very sore back.

Sherlock did well under CC's care, I think he even gained a bit of weight. He did well with the citronella bands and his feet weren't chipped up or legs stocked up! They were starting to fade over the course of the week, then I took them off due to mud. I expect they will not last the listed 5 weeks- but even 2 weeks was very helpful.

I just said hello the first day back and gave out some carrot slices. The new POA mare, Maya is in with them and Sherlock is a bit grumpy about her but seems peaceful with Trigger now.

Tuesday we had a hand-walking day. Up the hill to the pond, Sherlock was nervous up there. Came back down and grazed the edge of the hay field along the back edge of the lesson horse pasture. Strong walk coming back. Still a little nervous passing by Lady and her foal Dobby.

Went back to the barn and free lunged just a few minutes. He was stiff at first but opened up well. Walk/Trot very nicely. Had grain and groomed up, went home.

I had to go out early on Wednesday, and I beat the girls feed truck. It was already raining quite hard. I just gave him a small amount of beer grain and took off the fly bands for rinsing. Pics of mud coverage for the day- quite good, I guess 85%.

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