Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22- rides # 38,39,40 & saddle shuffle

Lots of riding pics this time!
Bareback stretching
August 1, ride #38. Rode bareback in indoor just to stretch out my sore back. Casual strolling and then some hand-grazing with Rocket. They get along very nicely.

August 4. I'm starting to feel stomach troubles again. Likely just the stress of 2 freelance jobs and 2 eBay selling jobs. Got my custom bridle from Uiseach Saddlery in Ireland today! Thank you G for a great anniversary present!

August 8, grooming and tried on new bridle for pics! Clipper introduction, after photos did some round pen work walk/trot. SO hot. Ugh.

Handsome in new blue-stitched bridle!
August 10, back from overnight trip to Steamboat Springs.  Sherlock's right knee swollen, small cut on the outside of the joint. No heat, not sore to touch. Added  B-L Solution to feed.

August 12. Sherlock saw me coming with grain and came galloping in! Clearly not lame on still-swollen knee. Watching for possible joint fluid leakage on front of joint still squishy, but swelling everywhere going down. B-L Solution and beer grain.

August 17. Trimmed by farrier M. Did great today- another very successful day. Stood well and calmly, we let him stretch between and front and hind feet today instead of after every foot.

August 18, ride #39. Light ride trying out King western saddle. Nice narrow tree with a high wither relief gullet, but twist was too wide for me. I was sore within 20 minutes.

August 21, ride #40. Light ride re-testing Simco western saddle. Still sitting a litle too low and pressing on withers, but was a good fit for me. Talked to A who was aout riding Trigger, and he had a wither fill pad he got at Saddle Up. Went right over and bought one! Can't wait to try it out but this weekend may be full of Sounds True Wake Up Festival instead of horseback riding.
Western today!

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