Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27- Ride #41 hints, switcheroo

Ride #41, August 24. Simco Western saddle with the wither-fill pad. It looks like two felt ping-pong paddles attached by a nylon strap. The paddles fit into the hollow area on either side of the withers to hold the saddle up off the backbone.

Fussy for grooming since other horses were working in indoor arena, but settled. Took him in and let other horse out. Introduced sack of cans, dragged it around a bit. He stepped on it and startled himself, I need to remember to hold it farther from his feet when we start again.

Got on at the mounting block and walked a few minutes- then he brought me back to the mounting block. And stood there and ground his teeth. I put my hand under the edge of the saddle and decided the wither pad had shifted. So I got down, loosened the cinch and rearranged the pads. Got on again and he was much more willing, walking faster and more relaxed. Thank you for the hint, Sherlock.

Walked and trotted all the way around the ring sweet and cheerful. Still very giraffe-y with his neck but balance is much improved, head set comes later. 

Get off and fix the saddle, please.

August 25 came out to feed and the barn sign warned that horses were rearranged and would be fixed that night. Seems the gate between the Pony paddock and the Non-dominant pasture was left open and almost everyone decided to try something new for the night. Only Sherlock was left in the Pony paddock with everyone but Eva from the Non-dominant. He was hiding in the shelter when I called him, and I put him the pasture with his herd after he ate his grain.

At 6:00 I came back and helped catch everyone to go back into the Pony paddock. Allie was a challenge but Tooie was a perfect angel once I'd caught Allie. Sherlock was excellent as usual, if a bit carrot-focused.

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