Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 13- slow and steady

Weather was crazy and we took it easy. Not only are big weather changes bad for the horses' bellies (Sherlock tends to get a little gas colic when it starts to get cold) but the cooler weather amps up the energy!

8/28 I fed Sherlock in the outdoor arena - handy to be able to set the bucket down on the mounting block and hold it instead of taking its whole weight. Trotted in-hand, walked over trail obstacle course of flower box, cross rail, back through poles, 3-pole curved with varied heights.

9/2 Cold morning! Sherlock was excited so I took him straight to the outdoor to run, but then he didn't want to. Free-lunged in indoor instead, w/t/c, picking up canter more easily and balance seems great. Sideways game work. Hind legs very "poppy" today and a little stiff. Fed and groomed in barn.

9/5 Muddy and slick footing. Fed in the round pen and did some light work, walk/halt.

9/7 Fed and groomed in the round pen, sideways and squeeze game work.

9/9 Fed in paddock, raining.

9/10 Hand-grazing 15 minutes. The cool weather has made the grass really sweet and high.

9/11 Checked on him this am and he was cold but dry. Brought him into the barn to groom, feed and put blanket on.

9/12 Grain in paddock, unblanketed.

9/13 Visited with my friend CA. She was uncertain about horses wanted to try to get accustomed a bit more. Everywhere was full of horses so I just bright him up to the tie rail out front. I led him in with Beatrice- a little nervous but with B tagging along behind they both did fine. She is so big...

A little pacing at first but settled to be groomed and do carrot stretches. I should remember to do the stretches last or he does them the whole time you brush. Very friendly and made a good effort to pose for pictures at the end of the grooming session. REM more mints from car into the brush box.

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