Friday, September 26, 2014

Sept 26-ride #44 fittings

This week I helped T set about fitting her self and Rocket for a saddle. My old Stubben fits Rocket pretty well. So over the week me met up and she got up on Sherlock in the round pen in the Stubben and walked around a bit to get a feel for it. He did very well!

Then I got on and rode a bit, just light work on sidepassing and voice commands. We tried the gate again and he gave me a step over to it so I could unlatch it and then backed up to open the gate! Almost like a real ranch horse! Super improvement in body control for us.

Other than this grand success, we've been doing some light ground work and getting lots of feed into the horse so he'll have a few extra pounds for winter. He's shedding summer coat and growing winter in already, despite it being 88 degrees today.
Sherlock and Maya share a snack

 And I also used my new phone to take lots of pictures to use for wallpapers on the phone-

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