Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2-rides 45,46 and trailer

Wow- I was really busy all month working all my freelance stuff and starting at Serenity Tibet.

Sherlock did fine while I was on vacation, the farrier came on October 14th and Sherlock was good for his trim, a bit stiff but we just did a bit of stretching and he held up very nicely. The ladies who own the ponies didn't arrive for their appointment so I held the ponies for their trims. Both were good. Sherlock was very jealous and kept coming over to make sure they were not getting any treats that should by right be his.

The next week it was hot. Sherlock is already quite fluffy and he was sweating in the sun- but I'm not going to clip him, it will be cold soon enough.

October 23 Ride #45 in indoor, English saddle. Still a little footsore and needed to circle out from the gate again and get used to where chairs had been moved to. Trotted a little bit but he was not very willing. Rode over double pole "micro-ditch". Trimmed his mane and practiced with clippers a little.

October 27 Cleaned up really good, played with clippers while he had his grain. Show-sheened legs, belly and neck and face to prep for photos.

October 28. Photographer! Hay net and grain while I groomed, then out to outdoor arena. Very good, didn't mind reflector even when it fell off its stand. Lots of mints. R knee swollen, small shallow cuts inner above knee.

October 29 Grain and BL Solution. Swelling of R knee greatly reduced. Clipped cuts, hand-grazed.

November 1. Grain in paddock. Leg looking good. Small swelling back of knee. T got on Rocket today! Very proud.

November 2. New halter (aqua). Ride #46 bareback in round pen. Still a bit sore on R leg, w/t free longe then got on for 10 minutes easy walking. Grain with BL Solution. Hand grazed then L came by with trailer to take Lady to her new home. Practiced loading! I got in the trailer and he looked at the floor, when I put pressure on he backed up but I just maintained light pressure and he came forward. When he advanced I turned and walked in and he followed. Lots of pets while he settled and had a treat, then turned around and walked out. VERY happy. I feel like a superhero!

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