Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov 30-Where does the time go?

Wow- another whole month gone with no blogging.

Lots of snow this month and lots of work.

Checking out the view
11/2 to 11/4 blanketed for extreme cold

11/5 we practiced lunging with the lunge line on instead of free- building to lunging in the hay field later on to get him used to being outside working. Difficult for him to understand and only wanted to go  right, but tried hard. R hock popping.

11/6 Rode roundpen. Walk only, R hcok poppy and L hip a bit sore. Stretches including BIG kneeldown! Good whoa, practiced setting up to open gate. Good back ups.

11/8 Rode Indoor. Stretches including the new Kneeldown- got it on video, thanks Terrie!
Turns forehand and haunches, and sidepass work, better turning right. Sherlock takes a bow

11/10 snowing again, blanketed 11/15 blankets off. Dobby the weanling and Beatrice moved into paddock.
Sherlock and Trigger
Allie, Dobby and Beatrtice

11/22 blanket on for snow
11/23 blanket off
11/30 Very cold in the morning, blanket on at 10:00 a.m.

Pretty pretty but COLD

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