Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jan 17- Back in the saddle ride #50

Another super-busy month, December always is.
Tons of work for Ziji and Serenity Tibet and Sounds True. Which means $ for gifts and travel
(2 weddings in LA in 2015) and horse stuff.

SO- TIP classes in Colorado this year! Thoroughbred Incentive Program holds special TB-only classes for TB-only year-end awards, and we finally have 2 in Colorado in 2015. One in March, probably too soon unless I just do walk/trot. And one in August, which could be quite doable.

SO- new saddle or repairs for old saddle. L has a Stubben Siegfried just like my old one for cheap, going to try it today I hope. Decent breeches, a show shirt. Find helmet cover, gloves, boots, hairnets. Rejoin CHJA. Am I sure I want to do this?

In the meantime, in December I rode pretty minimally but we did canter, twice to the left, didn't manage it to the right this first time. Sherlock was a little confused at first but tried really hard. He was excellent for the farrier and his feet continue to improve.

When I got back from vacation I rode a little in the indoor, just walking and remembering steering, whoa, back. Practiced my emergency dismounts (since we are cantering now I'd better), asking him to come back to me while I'm sitting or lying down.

 I'm trying new padding theories to get my saddles fitting right while his back fills in. It is actually quite a bit better, muscles starting to build. I bought a super-fancy gel Western pad (used on eBay!) that I hope to try today.

Sherlock "I made my own blanket out of mud and hay."

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