Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sept 23- Ride #42,43

9/15 Ride #42 (lucky number?) Rode in round pen English, w/t I wanted to canter but he was a bit stiff and short-strided. Hard ground or just too small a circumference to balance properly? Opened gate from up top- he was very curious what I was doing, then walked over to the outdoor and went in that gate with no arguments. Walked a set of poles then I got down and helped set up jumps.

Nice trot in round pen!

9/17 We tried my Stubben saddle on Rocket. He doesn't have withers as high as Sherlock's as is a bit wider- it fits him pretty well! T wants black, of course!

9/21 Ride #43 in indoor arena. Sherlock's belly was a bit tight with recent weather changes. Walk/small amounts of trot. Walked poles. Sidepass beginnings both directions, back up. Tried hard, very nice.

Maya, Sherlock and Trigger

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