Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23- catching up, Ride #53

My new saddlepad! He does look good in turquoise.

Jan 25- ride #53. After the saddle and pad experiments I found a used gel pad on eBay. It's Western and nice-looking. I could show in it if I want to later. So we tried the new pad with the English saddle- Sherlock was much more willing and eager to walk over a little pile of poles and trot nicely.  Still very poppy coming into the trot, not using his back well. Practiced braiding, he was great for mane and for tail, but very fussy about his forelock. Pleased his tail has really grown and gotten long and pretty.

While G and I were in LA for Wedding #1, I got a text that they'd like to move Sherlock into the big pasture after he'd been threatening a new boarder. Well, I thought the King of the Wusses was probably ready to move up. So Feb 2 I moved him. He latched on to the horses he knew- Max and Bea.
He has done well there, he was pretty hard on the new group of horses but he's risen to a high status without getting in too much trouble.

2/13 I went out to the pasture with grain and a small dose of Banamine in prep for weather change so he wouldn't feel colicky the day I was planing to go to our first schooling show out at Plane View. And  he had a cut. A pretty good one high up on the inside of his front leg. Took me a while to clean it and get a little ointment on it.  Came back at 4:30 pm to check it, more swollen and sore, limping. Cold hosed and more meds- B-L Solution in grain.
All that week cold-sponging when possible (it being like 25 degrees), walking and Banamine. Checking his temp everyday was good training.

2/20 Stopped meds,  swelling seems done. Blanketed in prep for snow. Started snowing overnight.
A day or two of good weather and more snow forecasted.

Snowy Day in big pasture. Sherlock, Bea and Max sprt-of sharing.

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