Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2 - snow and Ride #54

As expected, large blizzard 2/21. His leg looked good, no swelling after the stoppage of Banamine.
My friend T moved her horse to another barn. She was really getting treated pretty poorly. Boarder wars. Gotta stay out of them. Enough people left recently that I moved my tack into the main tack room for more space. Did like having the locked door, but I needed more room.

2/22 Still snowing. Here's a link to the horses running at mealtime. Sherlock is one of the blue blanketed dark horses. Likely the one that gets run at my the guys feeding. If you see a group that 3 dark horses, 2 blue blankets and a purple, that's Bea in purple and Sherlock and Max.

2/24 Weather warmed up- lots of snowmelt, pulled blanket off.

2/25 Rushed out early from work when it started snowing again. Sherlock was hogging the entire shelter and was barely even wet. Quick brushdown and blanket back on.

2/28 Ride #54 A little warmer weather and some sun. Good day to ride a little. Sherlock was a bit fussy about me cleaning his cut, just high energy. Free-lunged a few minutes to get his attention then saddled up. Just walking with a bit of trot, we worked on figure 8s, steering, stop and back. Good effort continuing to back up on cue "more", made it easy to start again without having to give the rein cue when he is getting grumpy. Good ride- he did want a carrot for every single thing a horse achieved, but I think me getting down is reward enough at the end of a ride. Grain afterwards and blanket back on!

Why not stay all day and hand out carrots?

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