Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27- Spring arrives, Rides #55-58

Early March was snowy, rainy and muddy.
March 8 Ride #55 I brought Sherlock up to the roundpen, which was half-flooded but still better footing than the arenas. He had a good time splashing, and then I rode for a few minutes. Not as confident going through the water with me on his back. I think that's a balance issue.

The next day my car broke down on the way home from work. This made it hard to visit the stable. Not only was I dropping Gray off at work before going to work and then picking him up in the evening, but his little car did not do well in the very muddy barn parking lot.

March 14 I brought Sherlock up to the barn for grooming and grain, and free-longed in the indoor arena. Lots of bird sounds, and he was a bit spooky. Had trouble turning left.

Setting up the jumps. Not too daring today.

March 15 Ride #56 Sherlock was a bit grumpy and tight-bellied from the weather changes, I rode Western about 30 minutes in the outdoor arena, mostly just walking with a little bit of trot. Very "poppy" trot transitions, stiff. Walked and trotted both single poles and crossrails, calmly very nice. Good forward walk today, practicing some gate skills. Whoa does happen but not very exact, same with backing up. A bit sticky in the corner closest to pasture- Bea was crying the whole time.

March 17 Ride #57 Tried out a used Borelli saddle, really a better fit even though it seemed very wide. Walk/trot a little nervous about work noise outside the arena. More willing at trot today in different saddle. Back/trot transition improved the trot transition. Sidepassed nicely.

March 19 Free-lunged walk/trot/canter until he got sweaty.

What's with this "bit" thing again?
March 20 Vaccination clinic. I free-lunged Sherlock a few minutes then brought him up to the barn to wait with a dozen other horses.A bit fussy with so many horses around, some throwing fits about the shots, but did well. Excellent for shots, even let them check his teeth after one nervous head toss. Vet would like to see him gain some more weight.

March 21 Grain in pasture. Looks good, no reaction at injection sites.

March 24 Ride #58 Rode about an hour indoors (needed the shade today). Fussy for cinching, tight-bellied. Used bit for first time this year. Lots of bird noise in rafters, he was nervous at first but settled a bit. Wanted to look out the door facing pasture, but went past well enough. Rode well, poppy trot transitions but good strong trot and maintained pace in turns much better. Desperately need to put stirrup straighteners back on this saddle, my feet were cramped up after riding. Grain.

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