Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 17- Ride #59, 60, Spring in Colorado

Where does the time go?

March 28th Ride#59- Sherlock and I took to the indoor ring again. I lunged him over the trot poles until he was calm about them, then mounted up, warmed up and trotted the poles several times very nicely. No leaping, no trouble. A bit stiff picking up hind feet, BL Solution in grain.

Protecting my herd. 
March 30- Cat, Liz's OTTB in re-training, added to pasture. Lots of galloping and chasing. Sherlock and Max guarded Beatrice and stayed mostly out of the way.

March 31- Excellent for farrier! Really perfect. Much praise.

April 2- Snowing. BL Solution and Banamine in grain.

April 4- Shedding Season begins in earnest. Groomed, tight belly due to weather.

April 6- fed grain

April 8-Tried hangs-on-the-fence feeder but Sherlock was very flinchy about it. Worried about the electric wire probably even though I hung the feeder far away from the wire. Had to hold the feeder for him and groomed some afterwards.

April 11- Small birthday celebration. I brought 2 balloons to torment Sherlock with and cupcakes and apples. He wouldn't try a cupcake- sticky! And rubbed the purple icing all over my shirt.

April 12- Sherlock was grazing at the very back fence of the pasture and couldn't hear me calling him over the wind, or was obsessed with the tiny bit of grass available. He seemed quite startled when I appeared 10 feet away. Caught him up easily and took him over the the broken waterer, got on bareback and rode back to the gate. SO I guess that's ride #60 even though it was just a minute. He did fine, a bit nervous in just the halter but did fine. Beer grain and his usual.

Sherlock ruling his little herd of Beatrice and Max. 

April 14- Happy Birthday, Sherlock! Mints and grooming.

April 15- Snowing. Grain with Banamine and offered blanket but he was too busy claiming piles of hay from the other horses. I know once the hay is gone he'll hog the shelter all day, so didn't push him to take the blanket.

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