Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sept 8- The In Crowd, Ride #69

So Sherlock is still working on fitting in with the larger herd of geldings at Heart&Soul. He's willing to go out in the large East Pasture but he comes in again shortly, all the way up the breezeway and stands as close to the barn as he can get. He has been in the smaller Meadow Pasture and liked that better, but it was rotated out of use for 2 weeks.

Sherlock in the East Pasture
Next week we'll introduce him to the West Pasture, also a big pasture facing the road. This one has its own water and does not usually connect with the breezeway. So he will be stuck there, though there should be plenty of distance to be had between him and the herd if he wants to stay away from them.  I sure do miss Sebastian.

It's frustrating to walk all the way down to the pasture and leave him with the quietest friendliest horses and have him still follow me all the way back to the barn, or even have to follow him back there if he doesn't feel like waiting for me or listening to my protests that he should like it here.

Anyway, I go out pretty much every morning or evening and give him grain and love. He's such a sweet-natured horse, he always seems to be getting petted by someone.  I moved him here so he would be happy and healthy. He's not happy yet. He's gaining weight, though he is getting bitten by someone.

I rode on September 9th, just saddled up Western and made a short introduction to both arenas. He was very calm in both, actually. I am very pleased with that.

I bought a half-blind horse. That's my reality. Really, I have a wonderful horse. He just needs some extra time to fit into this herd, and lots of space.

Sherlock hiding behind the halter rack. Note the VERY long walk downhill to the pasture.

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