Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct 3- Busy-ness and rides 70,71,72

Wow- I have been working a lot! Another trade show and desperately working on finishing one Sounds True project so I can get going on the next one! Still, I've been at the stable almost every morning to give Sherlock his grain and turn him out. The geldings have been out in the Meadow pasture for several weeks, which has been great for Sherlock. Meadow is closer to the barn and very comfortable for him.

Anyway, I've been riding Sherlock just a little bit, getting him used to the indoor arena, building fitness for both of us. I started longing him lightly every morning last week to get some muscle building. He's gaining weight and remembering some things about being a riding horse.

This week Sherlock had dewormer, vaccinations and started going to the West Pasture. First day I walked him out to the waterer and when I let him go he galloped off with the other horse, and raced them around. So glad to see him happy and having some fun. Later in the day he came up the breezeway for water and had trouble figuring out how to get back- they thought he was going to bust the gate to Meadow- but he settled once his name was called and they took him back down.

Yesterday no drama going down to West pasture, I hope he is settling there.

New trainer A has arrived and I'm going to take a lesson tomorrow, wish us luck!

Looks like most of my pics from last week are of our super-adorable new kitten, Kaylee!
Here she is for your viewing pleasure. It's tiring but super-amusing to have a kitten around again...

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