Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov 2- Halloween party, ride 78

SO Busy! Working really hard on new Sounds True project and doing a huge warehouse re-arrange at Serenity Tibet with new helper Eric.

Have had a couple excellent riding lessons with A! Working on transitions and lateral movement, and keeping my hands in the middle instead of crossing over the horse's neck. Rode Sirah mostly Western so getting back to English Equitation is a challenge...

Sherlock in his hat
Sherlock has been very game in the lessons, he does get tired and has to be convinced to try once more, but he tries hard. I've been riding in A's Wintec saddle that fits Sherlock well, and finally have a winning bid on one just the same off eBay! Saddle that fits. Finally. It's a WIDE gullet, I really didn't think he was that wide but A has a Wintec gullet-measure-er like I have been trying to find ALL summer. And Sherlock should be wearing a Wide.

Rode bareback outdoor one day and Sherlock was happy and eager to go forward, with no pinching saddle- very sore the next day but it was fun.

One day of cold rain the 22nd, had to use Sirah's wool-lined blanket that is a little small but warm.

Halloween Party was great! Had a lesson beforehand so got Sherlock and me all dressed up at about 11:30, rode over poles and moving away from leg, soft serpentines on weight, rode her horse Hope a little bit as well when Sherlock got tired. Then the party! I gave Sherlock a break in between since everyone but me was running late (What? Again? Always!). Drink of water and some hay. Then back to a very busy arena full of little kids on hippety-hops!
Sherlock and Watson!

Sherlock drank from the bobbing for apples bucket but didn't try for an apple. We won the egg-and-spoon race on a good length of trot- even with a jerky transition, he maintained it well. He was a bit treat-happy but overall really excellent. We were supposed to play horse soccer with the big ball, but some horses were scared of it- esp. Hope! Sherlock was casual about the ball rolling at him and bouncing off, and even pushed it and played a bit.

SUPER proud of my easygoing and brave boy!

Yesterday I rode outside- having trouble reconciling aids that Sherlock thinks are working against each other. Back, then stop- is very difficult but we broke through some of that and backed out of an L! Introduced the vacuum, good on R but more anxious on L side- looking at cord. Needed it again today, but I just turned him out to get dusty again. Turnout in Meadow pasture again, he is very comfortable there and is making friends with a new horse Scout.

OH- and I heard the Cs lost their lease. About time. I hope someone cool will buy the place and board horses there again.

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