Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dec 19- recovery time, ride #83

Sherlock has been improving steadily with his cut legs, and has been sound for light lunging and extreme rampaging about at dinnertime. We don't remember very well how to lunge with the rope on, must practice.

I find myself saying he doesn't remember how to do things, but then I realize I am not holding up my part of the bargain- by not giving him the cues he understands. Lunging is tough for him, and if I don't move my feet to make some noise he has to keep looking for me when I am on his blind side. So it's both of us who need to practice.

12/11 Massage/chiropractor came and worked on a bunch of horses. She used a massager-machine that is put on like a saddle. Sherlock was a bit twitchy but settled into it. His back was sore and some ribs out on the right side.
After massage I let Sherlock eat a little bit and grabbed out both my new saddle and Amy's. I have purchased the wrong saddle model. Mine has the deeper seat, with a stronger cantle angle. Which makes the cantle higher. Still it seems to fit the same- if I can just balance it.

Busy week with a big blizzard. Not much turnout. Backing off meds to 1g Bute every other day. I can give more grain on days with no Bute. If he has a whole scoop of grain with Bute in it, he skips the bad-tasting part. If he has a half-scoop he eats it all no matter what's in it.

12/19 ride #83 Rode 30 minutes mostly walking. New saddle and reverse-wedge pad, rope halter. Mounting tough with saddle slipping around- pad compresses once weight hits it, and that makes the girth very loose when I try to get on. Might cut it back off the withers. Sherlock did stop to have the pad adjusted once- will need more duct tape to secure pad. Better with pad adjusted, trotted well. A bit stiff for sure. Neck stretches, turns on forehand, shallow serpentines.
Good ride, willing if a bit creaky. Nice ride to end the year on!

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