Friday, January 29, 2016

Jan 29- rides #84-89, loss and gain

Pink for the new year!
When I came home from Christmas travels, Sherlock was wearing an unfamiliar blanket. His old blanket was not in the laundry. So I went to Murdoch's (just take my paycheck already) and bought a new blanket, and attired him properly (in pink).

We had our first all-stable meeting at a local pizza place on January 2nd. Yes, my blanket was in the shop after being shredded. Fun meeting, I was only reprimanded for not having leg straps on my blanket, but now Sherlock has a new one so already all fixed!

1/3 ride 84- Belly tight with some edema. Brief walk only with bareback pad indoors. He was scared of the light coming through the partly-open doors. Walked sound, well-behaved. Had a good scratch and roll afterwards.  Grain w/Banamine.

1/4 ride 85- Rode outside 30 minutes. Walk/trot. Footing passable on rail with some decent passages across arena. English with halter. New pad makes mounting such a trial! Saddle tries to slip and girth is always super-loose once I get into the saddle. Sherlock was good for mounting after some initial begging for treats. Luna was with us and followed everywhere. Good transitions, practiced backing up around cone. L bad, R improved lightness.

1/5 ride 86- Rode indoor 10 minutes. Grain with banamine. Wasn't planning to ride but Amy lent me her riser pad so I got on for a few minutes. Not as slippery but seriously cantle-high- I kept sliding forward.  Not the solution. Lesson scheduled.

1/6 Blankets off, Groomed, grain. Sherlock didn't want to go back in the paddock. "Aren't you going to ride?"

Lots of heavy work, came every day for grain and blanket checks. I don't have many notes.
Strange time, one of the barn workers passed away of a heart attack this week. Nice guy, younger than me I think. A bit of a curmudgeon, perhaps, but witty and I will miss his greeting, "Well good morning, sunshine!"
Got a FB message from Alissa that she needed more barn work so called her in to help. She and Clover are at Green Tree, very close by. She will be helping out in the mornings at least for a while.

1/16 ride 87- Rode 1 hour indoor bareback. Walk/trot. Other horses in arena, good for him to follow Jinny. Trotted 4 poles very tough, 2 trot poles more his level right now. A bit fussy physically, but really on mentally. Loved weaving the poles, stopping at barrel for me to touch it, pulled down the hula hoops to play with.

Nice ride in sidepull
1/17 ride 88- Lesson with Amy 1 hour English. Trotting 2 poles, transitions every 7 steps, trot all the way around arena. Anxious with other horses around but handled it. Sidepull halter is starting to wear out. Homework: bring leather/rope sidepull, trotting 5 times around, at least 2 rounds in 2-point position. Amy was surprised he was so sound, had looked sore in paddock earlier in the week. Cuts on legs all almost healed up, just small white scabby spots.

1/19 ride 89- Outdoors 1 hour English with Lissa's old sidepull. Fits him pretty well. Nice trot esp. with me in 2-point (getting in shape), and he walks when I put my hands down to balance. Racehorse training, I think. Trotted all the way around once, walked diagonal, all the way around again. Nice strong free trot with Amy's saddle on. Sidepass-circles both ways around cones, with breaks to chew on and fling the cones.

Worked on lunging this week as well, he prefers to be right next to the gate so we worked on staying in the far corners instead.Was able to turn him out after for some canter work free lunging. Tired pretty quick.

1/24 Missed the memorial service as had previous plans for Broncos game. All horses got green ribbons in their manes. Sounds like it was very sweet.
Wormed 1/26. Green ribbon still there. Last to hang on.
Turnout 1/28- at last back in the Meadow Pasture! Re-introducing the two groups of geldings exciting screeches and stomps. Sherlock came when called, setting off a cavalry charge as everyone followed. Cookies and a quick check of his eyes (poked him with my thumb trying to take halter off the day before!) which look fine. Still has green ribbon.
1/29 Groomed, got all the mud off again. Ribbon finally lost. Grain with Banamine as snow is expected soon!

I put 3 of my 5 saddles up for sale and am searching for one to fit Sherlock. In the meantime I have Amy's Wintec to borrow, thank goodness.

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