Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14- Snow, ride 90

Happy Valentine's Day!

So we sended January with some quiet days, and then the snow began. Three days of snow. We did grain and free-longing walk/trot/canter in the indoor.

2/6 Ride #90. Indoors, bareback pad and sidepull bridle. 45 minutes indoors with 4 other horses! Sherlock was anxious about the other horses but again no battles broke out and it was a good experience. Practiced gate-opening types of skills, narrow spaces, shallow bends, standing next to other horses in a lineup. Stable meeting afterwards.

2/9 Farrier came. Sherlock was very good, a bit stiff RH both moving forward and stretching back. Hind hooves are really taking shape nicely. Fronts still a bit contracted, could use to grow out a bit.

One of the ladies at the stable just tried the Wintec AP I bought but it's not the right fit for her and her horse. Darn. I have put the flyer up at the barn with the 3 saddles for sale. I guess it's eBay time. CTRC's tack sale is in March -I could donate all 3 saddles and take it off next year's taxes if all else fails.

Peaceful days- Specs watching over napping Sherlock

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