Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18-rides 91-99 New Saddles!

Wow! So busy it's been hard to keep up.

2/17 Ride 91- 15 minutes indoors bareback/sidepull. BIG trot, jeez he has a huge trot bareback. I'm used to sitting any trot bareback, he is more athletic than I am right now, though! practiced emergency dismount.

Windy days, longing and free-longing, watching leg cuts heal up.

2/24 Ride 92- 30 Minutes indoors. walk, trot, over poles. Trot really excellent, self-carriage really feeling it!
Sherlock keeps a weather eye on the Canadian geese

2/25 Ride 93- New Western saddle. Walk, trot 5 minutes.Nice long strides, but poppy into trot. Saddle rings rattle and need silencing (fleece strips tied on or something). Feels like twist is a bit wide, stirrups still need adjusting.

2/27 Ride 94-indoors in new Western saddle one hour. Shortened stirrups massively. Tashi and his people riding, Sherlock was a bit anxious. Worked on Stand for 1 minute straight. 10-steps walk/trot transitions. Trot transitions poppy but my balance was really quite bad today. Sherlock a bit mouthy today- enjoyed playing with hula hoops and cones.

2/28 Ride 95- 15 minutes indoors new Western saddle, stirrups better today but my ankles are sore.Walk excellent, one trot transition super nice! Cinchy, didn't push today. Remounted after picking up tarp he wanted to play with, dismounted from right side.

Windy and rainy. light free longing, teaching "touch" command . Mostly with ball.

3/5 Barn meeting with Animal Control about Evacuation plans, IDs etc. Nice ladies.
Ride 96- 1 hour indoors with lots of horses. Playing with tarp so I put it between 2 poles and walked over it a lot. Figure-8s around cones with pushing hindquarters out on turns. Backup through cones. Good day, horses in pasture again now that mud has dried a bit.

3/6 Ride 97- English saddle FITS! Light ride walk only, over poles, around cones. Flinchy when steered left, even striking out a bit under saddle, really needs teeth done. Practiced loading in trailer since T left it for us to practice. Slow going but loaded twice and even backed out once.

3/7 Sharon rode! Amy's student got a beginner lesson on Sherlock and he was amazing. Walk, whoa, steering. Very patient and kind. Very proud of my boy!

3/11 Ride 98- 30 min indoor. English/sidepull. Walk, nice trot but new stirrup leathers are squeaky so I did 2-point position at trot all the time. Good leg and balance workout. Trot poles, backup 10 steps nice and light. Played with ball.

3/12 Vet, teeth and sheath. Significant hooks, esp. caudal (back teeth).Yes, very sharp on right side. Floated all, blunted L bottom canine (R bottom one never came in). Slightly parrot-mouthed so she evened out incisors as well. Again took a little extra tranq to finish. Sheath not bad but 3-4 small beans. Recommended both every year.

3/14 weather changing. Played with ball, "touch" command, stretches. Let barn worker's kids help groom- he was fussy at first and stomped around but soon settled into the attention. Grain.

3/15 Ride 99- 30 min indoor. Nice walk/trot. I need to work on maintaining contact when downward transitioning, both times to the R I just dropped him and felt his hind feet stumble. Still doing 2-point all the trot. Break times playing with ball while I catch my breath. Too close to gate turning L and broke peacock stirrup rubber band. Grain with banamine, blanketed.

Came by in the evening and ended up helping Sarah move house.

3/16 Again helped Sarah pack. Said hi to Sherlock and gave him some treats. If he hears me, he comes to the gate and whinnies for me. So sweet.

3/17, 3/18 Snowstorm ! and my R ankle  locked up very badly so stuck in the house. Watching Seane Corn do lots of yoga for conty $ . I do really like her but 32 hours of yoga is beyond the beyond.

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