Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17- ride #100, 101

Heading back out to pasture
3/21 ride #100- hooray a milestone! Sherlock was very fussy for cinching up, worked indoors on fitness. Trotting 3x around arena then a minute to catch his breath playing with the tarp, cones, ball, hula hoops, whatever he could grab and fling.

3/22 Groomed, grain with Banamine as snow is coming again. Talked to another boarder who I hadn't really met before about TBs. She follows the current racers. Cool.

3/24 Grain, Snow. Sherlock was eating the snow so I hiked/slid down to check the water tank. It was fine. ?

3/25 Grain. Still very muddy and slick. Groundwork day, leading over pole, then did a teensy crossrail, dragging stuff, turning around barrels, mounting block.

3/27 Ride #101. Grain, groomed. Rode 20 min indoor bareback. Walking, stretching my sore back. Good for mounting, played with tarp with anxious horse watching him. Very good boy.

3/28 Grain, grooming. Moved to Eagles paddock. New eldery horses arrive tomorrow.

3/29 Grain w/Banamine. Groomed, very sore belly but improved. Great for farrier! Really perfect. LF angle has turned a bit negative to where it usually is. She worked on fixing that.

3/30 Muddy, rain/snow mix. New pair hogging shelter. Sherlock wore rain sheet but seemed fine

4/1 Grain. Out in East Pasture, called him in easily though he missed me at the middle gate and went to the one they use to go in at night, then had to come back. Everyone enjoying first turnout in a while!
PM Barn called- Sherlock resting LH and walking very stiff. I got there and checked, Walking wobbly/stiff downhill (remember he was just trimmed). No obvious sore spots, wounds, swelling. Didn't want to take weight on LH for hoof cleaning but once he did he was fine. Grain with 1g Bute.

4/2 AM came early for grain with Bute. Sherlock did his stretches, back up, haunches yield. Swollen L side neck just at shoulder. Walk and trot on longe very stiff, twisting L hock and making it pop every step. Reduced forward range of motion. No turnout for you today.
Came at Lunchtime for Barn meeting. Grain with Buteless, Cosequin and wormer! Walked better, walked over poles and turned. Less stiff more willing. Sore walking uphill to paddock.

All my attempts came out like this.
4/3 Grain with Bute, cosequin. Walking better, not as unbalanced-looking. Hand-stretched all legs, did very well.

4/4 AM Grain with Bute, cosequin. Walk/Trot sound, if a bit stiff. Downhuill well, turned out to pasture!

4/5 Vaccination clinic. Rabies, 4-way, West Nile. Well-behaved, barely noticed vet as he had some extra hay. Stiff turning but otherwise sound. Grain w/ Cosequin.

4/9 Grain w/Cosequin all week. Doing well. New bite mark not breaking the skin L back right close to the spine.

4/10 Grain between the East and Meadow Pastures, some grass there now. Galloping the pasture looks great.
4/11 Exactly the same but now when I leave sherlock hangs around the middle gate trying to figure out how to get to that grass. Sorry, my boy.

4/12 Grooming, grain/cosequin. Light w/t free longe over poles. Dr Deb came and adjusted Sherlock, he was great for her. A few faces when she was working on the R side. T1 bilat, also withers bilat, low back, SI joint. Walked well after, kicking out with LH after adjustment but settled.

4/15 Grain/Bananine. We did stretches, walk over poles and coached "touch" with both ball and mounting block.
English saddle fitter Bev came today!  Sherlock was still sore ribs on R side. But he is very even bilaterally with good even mucle development. Long withers dropping slowly down his back.Wide shoulders but not as wide in the back. Change to MED gullet using my good sheepskin pad and recheck in 3 months. He was excellent for her and she loved him. Blanketed for storm coming

4/16 Sherlock was the only one still eating in the snowstorm. Everyone else in shelter. Gave Grain. Added Cool Calories and some Ground Flaxseed to convince him to eat the CoolCal. Blanket looked soaked through but he was not wet. Dried his neck and face while in barn. Nicely behaved. Got partway into shelter as I left.
But I LIKE my food on the floor!

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