Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 30-Bath day, rides #102-104

4/18 Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed. Ate well, I groomed him and changed from heavy blanket to rainsheet. No preciptation but it's still muddy- maybe he will stay a little cleaner with the sheet on.

4/19 Ride #102. 45 minutes outdoor arena. Nice ride with trot poles and some strong trots, with Luna following. Sidepass around cone. Was quite scared of Dusty lurking by the arena fence! Grazed 10 minutes and gave Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed combo. Pasture all ahoo due to Lady living in round pen today. Dusty and Brownie aggressive at gate when I took Sherlock out, better when we came back in.

4/20 Came in nicely from pasture for grain and grazing in in-between zone. I think the little clover like plants that are his favorite are alfalfa coming up. Yum yum. Saw fox crossing the driveway today!

4/21 2pm came in from pasture well, Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed plus some grazing time. Flies were bad so I went back for fly mask and caught him again for mask. He was great. Flyover of 4 military helicopters didn't interest him very much. 3 single-rotors and a big 2-rotor. Saw the big one landed at Longmont Airport! Saw the whole crew again heading South when I was in Louisville.

Before bath.

4/22 Ride #103 BATH! Bucket bath with minimal soap while he ate his grain. Took him and grain outdoors for to dry, while I shortened his mane and cleaned it up. When dry enough I rode 10 minjutes bareback, working on bending w/t. Then let him roll in the arena. Looking skinny after a couple big storms and paddockmate changes.

After bath! 
4/23 Grain/Cosequin/Cool Calories/Flaxseed plus some extra hay in paddock.
4/24 added Ulcergard to grain today- no CoolCal. Grazed.
4/25 Ulcergard grain day 2/4. Grazed
4/26 Grain/cosequin with added alfalfa pellets. Increased grain. Good manners. Rainy and cold again.

4/27 Ride #104 30 min indoors. Sherlock jumped something in the paddock running to me when I called- Ditch? Log? He looked good! Grain, hay. Sherlock was a bit grumpy about girth but we went slow. Bending lines, trot 10 steps, trot 20 steps, trot once around. Several reps. Practiced drifting hind end out on turns, turn on haunhes from a backup. Stand on one side of barrel, sidepass and turn on forehand until on other side of barrel facing the same direction as before. After ride practiced "touch" command with hand, pole, barrel, ball and mounting block. Getting very smart!

4/28 Snowing AM. Got him blanketed before he got wet. Not really that cold so did rain sheet. Very grouchy about blanket- biting and bucking- but after Banamine was his old self.

4/29 Snowing AM.  When I got there Sherlock was soaked through his rain sheet! Shaking cold - got him in and pulled rainsheet off in indoor arena through threats to kick and nasty faces. Left him there while I got the grain out and soaked. Watched him pacing, pawing and rearing up while I got ready. Took him a handful of hay and he walked politely with me to his grain with day 3/4 Ulcergard. put backup blanket on and towel-dried him off, then put heavy blanket on.  H arrived and asked me to put him back with Joe, Tashi, and Scout instead. Grey and Brownie don't let anyone else in the shelter. Happy to do that!

4/30 Light snow AM. Back in top next-to-arena paddock but has Joe, Tashi, Perry, and Scout with him! Yay! Much more peaceful group. Groomed, cleaned muddy feet, trimmed mane and bridle path. Thinning shears worked great on bridle path! Looks very nice and he tolerates the lighter sound better than a normal scissor. Day 4/4 of my Ulcergard supply. Hard to tell if it helped with such a small sample that I was not able to give 4 days in a row, in such a high-stress time with bad housemates and bad weather.
Enjoying watching some Rolex eventing  and cleaning house in prep for Second Thanksgiving this weekend!

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