Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17- ride #15

Tuesday and Wednesday Sherlock had a runny nose and I had a ton of work, so we took it easy and just had feeding days. I did go to the used tack store and ended up falling for a new Western bridle with easy-change buckles for the bit.

Thursday the farrier M came, Sherlock was very good except for the left hind, the last one she tried to do. Assigned more yo-yo game, wher the horse has to back up away from you and then come forward. and holding the hinds up longer. Still a great improvement. Feed with BL-Solution to hyelp the sore feet he usually gets the next day.

Friday Sherlock was very stocked up in all four legs. I expect he was a bit footsore from the trim and didn't walk enough over the course of the day and night. Did a few minutes of ground work, mainly lower-impact like sideways rather than yo-yo which causes more pounding. Massaged his legs and put more BL-Solution in the feed.

Saturday Sherlock was looking good, I groomed in the barn and fitted the breastplate (to keep the saddle from slipping back) to the English saddle. Then built the new Western bridle I got with the Myler bit and fitted that with little trouble. Very windy out in the outdoor arena but Sherlock was not spooky. He wanted to stay closer to the gate this time but was also comfortable on the short arena side closest to his own paddock. Walking only this time to help circulation.

Cowboy up
Sherlock's whoa was not very good during this ride, so we practiced it a lot, but steering is coming along. He took a light contact today readily. Small serpentines with more leg than hand, and also did some nice half-passes along the short side. Did look like he wanted to roll once, so after our 20 minutes of walking I dismounted and took off all his tack, but then he just wanted to follow me. Tacked him back up very calmly, and took him back to the barn for his grain, which he flung cheerfully all over the floor and gradually cleaned up.

Sherlock has some trouble with his vision when he goes into the barn from the sunlight, or vice versa. Most horses' eyes adjust slower than human eyes do, but Sherlock gets a little wobbly looking for where to put his feet. Just something I need to keep in mind. I commented about his eyes to the barn manager and He was surprised to hear Sherlock has vision problems.

Sunday I went out to feed and realized I had no photos for this week's blog. So I put the Happy Mouth bit on the new bridle and put it on him for a few photos before I gave him his grain for the day. Such a good guy, miles from the horse who wouldn't take the bit.

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