Friday, November 8, 2013

November 7-winter is coming

Welcome to Autumn! We are getting colder weather at night and Sherlock is growing his winter coat. He looks like he's going to be quite a bit darker in winter, but the really long guard hairs are a lighter color. He looks pretty funny right now as his coat is very uneven, even looking lumpy or hivey sometimes. The time to train with the horse grooming vacuum is nigh. I met another horse owner at the stable, though she is about to be out of town for a while. She owns Aussie the TN Walker, who many people have told me is a Gypsy Vanner...

Summer color
Winter color

It's been a quiet week as I've been working really hard. It is holiday new item season at Ziji, so lots of data entry, pricing research, and the next few days a photo shoot. One preview is that we will have a gorgeous new Windhorse statue in white ceramic. I hope we will have this stunning beastie online next week.

And another hint of things to come- I've been transcribing a brand new Pema Chodron talk for Sounds True. Buddhists and Pema fans rejoice, this one I have really been enjoying. I think it will be called "The Reality of our Existence". If you haven't heard Pema, follow the link I just sent you and click on most any product to hear a sample, if you'd like.

I've been a bit gloomy and low energy this week and realized it's Lissa's death anniversary time. It will be 11 years ago on Monday 11-11. I still miss her a great deal. Sherlock reminds me of her in several ways. He is a very kind and friendly horse who is interested in people. He's sensitive and needs someone he can trust. He has a scar on his face. Really, are all my horses going to match me in facial scars? Sherlock's scar is right over his eye just like Lissa's was.

Anyway, I am really happy with my good horse and if the weather will hold out I'll be riding this weekend! Video of Sherlock strolling casually in outdoor arena. Video of trotting in arena, check out our mountain vie!

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