Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3- Ride #14

The Usual Suspects- Blaze, Max, Sherlock, Tooie and Annie
So busy! I've been working hard but have been out every day to give Sherlock his grain and check on him. He has got his corner of the shelter locked in, and has been dry and warm every morning, even when we got a little bit of snow!

Saturday I groomed him in front of the barn, there were farriers everywhere taking up all the crossties. He was a little nervous at first but really super about his feet. Free-longed in the outdoor arena, he was on a long orbit trotting a sort of figure 8 with me at near the center. He likes he increased room but doesn't want to lose his connection. A little lazy, great whoa.

Had a great time watching the many Smarties at the Breeder's Cup. Lazed all afternoon in front of the TV.

Sunday I again groomed Sherlock in front of barn, farriers were taking up the whole barn. Again pacing a bit but super for his feet. Thrush cleared up nicely. Western saddle and headed off to the outdoor again. A bit spooky in the wind, so I turned him loose for a bit of free longe cantering, then re-saddled. He did great today, first examined the jumps at one end of the arena, esp. interested in the coops today. Expanded out from the gate area very quick today, did some trotting on the short end and then the long end. Then tried trotting the long end with continuing the trot past the gate. Sherlock got a bit confused and we discussed if we were even going to walk away from the gate at all. I stayed patient but held my pressure and we walked on. Practiced some whoa at the far end and got down for many pets. It is hard for him to bypass his safe areas, but I'll need to keep working on expanding those zones so he can venture further in the world.

Sherlock strolling in tne arena.
He is still very upside-down with his giraffe neck, but I think the Western saddle has a lot of jingly stuff on it and makes noise when you trot. So next time back to the English saddle, I think. He stretched well at the walk and was willing to trot, listening closely all the way. Didn't want to go back to the barn for untacking but got there gradually. Gave him his grain by the trailer and let him have a few minutes hand-grazing, then back to his friends. Everybody looks good.

 I hope the angelic foot-lifting trend will last for my own farrier who comes in 2 weeks.

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