Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18- Snow + Sun= Ice, then Mud

So this week Ezio cut my hand. Cats are so strong and fast that when something goes wrong it goes wrong quicker than you can really move. Horses are much the same. Anyway, Ezio was headed out the window to the cat run (for the first time in weeks due to snow and cold), something spooked him and he flew backwards in the window, landing on my right hand, then the scanner. The scanner luckily was closed and its looks are not much marred. The right hand did not fare so well- with 4 slashes in the space between forefinger and thumb and one puncture on the thumb.

It's a very non-handy place to be cut. Even though the cuts were not that bad (thankfully all claws had been trimmed a few days before) opening the front door or a jar of any kind was right out. Sewing also a no-go. I put on gloves to drive and to walk the dog. So leading a horse who hadn't been out in weeks over the ice was not an attractive prospect.

So I fed and groomed and Thursday I took my bow, arrows and target out and set up by the fence.  Caught Sherlock and had him stand behind me while I did a practice set. Sherlock was a bit uncertain at the first arrow, but by the time I'd shot my 8 he was bored. Great sign. I also saw Tooie startle him by appearing on the left side. I think Sherlock is getting some vision back- at least he sees some motion.

Sunday I took the archery stuff out again. Due to feed placement I put the target in the shelter, where I had control over who was around. Didn't catch him this time. I shot 8 and then Sherlock came and watched the second 8. I shot a little harder to make more sound and he watched with his good eye.
Sherlock examines the target for clues.

Tuesday I went after work (first day back at ST for temp stuff!) and took shelock out through the mud to the outdoor arena for a run. He trotted and cantered a bit, played in the puddles pawing and nosing around. Groomed but I didn't get everything-sore wrist for me and he gets really tired of the scraper. Faced pile-of-snow monster by the goat pens and flapping-blanket monster in the aisle between the stalls and the barn, had feed in the barn and went back to the paddock like a champ.

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