Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22- ride #26

So I did get sick. Quite sick. Luckily we had anti-nausea meds from G's trip to urgent care.

On Saturday the 15th we both wobbled weakly out to the stable for vaccination clinic. G came in case I was too weak to hold Sherlock for shots. I took Sherlock to the round pen for a few minutes of frolicking and squealing, he showed off a very nice relaxed canter and his big trot which I am never going to get on film... Then he was very good for his shots, a little nervous when the vet switched sides but a mint solved that.

Sunday I went out to check on him and woke him up from a nap. He lets me come up and give him a pat and then he gets up. Grain and some shedding blade work. No reactions in shot areas.

Fed in paddock and shedded a few times over the week. Areas that were very muddy and got showsheened are staying cleaner.

Friday the 21st rode in the round pen. Sherlock was pawing while grooming, which he never does. But other people were feeding their horses grain. and I was trying to clip his muddy
bridle path. I was hoping to trot some poles in the outdoor arena, but he was being so fussy- So I tacked up and out we went to the round pen to work off the excess energy. But there was no energy. He walked slowly and trotted just a few steps. When I got down I realized the wind was getting colder and the clouds dropping over the mountains. Weather must be changing.

So I put Sherlock away and went home for the Banamine. Came back, put the meds in a bran mash and fed it to Sherlock, who was not excited at first but slurped it all down.

Snowing today.

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