Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30- Ride #27

Sunday 3/22 after the snow I took Sherlock out to the round pen and did some grooming. I brushed out and thinned his mane. He seemed a bit uncomfortable, holding onto my sleeve with his teeth. Did some leg stretches and food with Banamine in it. Weight-taped 888#. Tyler keen on about upping their hay a little bit.

Over the course of the week we had alternating sunny 60-degree days and patches of snow. G was ill again a few days and with linmited time I did see Sherlock everyday for feeding. Met new boarder V and her TB Sam and mini Pixie.

Saturday 3/29 Groundwork day. There's a coop in the round pen and we de-spooked with that. Did back-and-stops, and practiced sidepass, as well as turns on forehand and haunches. Brushed out and conditioned his tail.

Sunday 3/30 ride #27. Groomed in round pen, light free longe. A little low energy but not belly-sore. Rode very light bareback in round pen, walk, whoa, back 2 steps. Got down when he decided he was ready to roll, and he let me take everything off before lying down.

Pixie escaped turnout paddock into the Pony Pasture while Sherlock was eating his grain. I ran to tell the girls and we eventually got the little one out again and noted the wide spot in the fence where she slipped through.

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