Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12- Ride 24&25, Past and Present

After riding with advice from Jo, I paid for a set of lessons to be started after Horse Expo. It snowed for several days, blowing my plan to ride as much as possible before the farrier, since Sherlock is usually a bit footsore for a few days afterwards.

Th 3/6 The farrier did come and Sherlock was very good except for the last foot, Left Hind this time. Snorty when he saw racing bikes going by on the road. Round pen afterwards, he was very squealy and needed to run. Note to self: exercise before cleanliness on farrier days. Yes it's nice to have his feet clean but better to have him stand quiet. Worked up a sweat, got a few bucks in.

Sherlock towering over Annie and Tooie
Fri 3/7 Off early from work to go to Ft. Collins in the sleet to sign Brand Inspection for Sirah to J&D. Horrible drive, was early so stopeed at World Market and bought a snow globe Eiffel Tower for protection (long story). Anyway, the inspector was there on time and we went into the paddock to identify the horse and note her markings. I whistled and she whinnied! It was good to see her, she looked good- Mirah is taller than her by a goodly amount.
At last J appeared but he had no paperwork. I was supposed to have the old Brand Inspection papers. No, they would have been handed over with everything else, I said. J went to look for them. I knew he wouldn't find them, and he came back eventually and the inspector had to call the office to look it up on the computer. Got everything done and signed but just a little extra stress.

Decided to go home the slower, safer way and stopped at Latigo Lariat. Window-shopped a bunch of saddles and bought a red,white and blue nylon bridle for Halloween costume, and a blue and white sparkly bat. Just for old times' sake I also drove past GF. It was locked up tight at 4:30 pm with not a horse in sight.

Went by the stable to feed and Sherlock was really cold- shaking like his knees were going to give it up. Got the blanket and came back, he wouldn't let me get close to put it on as Zip and Taco were being aggressive. Got the halter and followed him- nothing- got a handful of grain and caught him, shooed everyone off. Put blanket on. He really didn't want it at all until I spread it over his back then he settled right down. Let him go, got the grain, got him fed. Went home cold, wet, covered head to toe in filthy mud.

Saturday 3/8 Warming and sunny. Unblanketed the beast, Eqyss spray all over his back, light grooming in paddock, fed. Sherlock still anxious.

Sunday 3/9 Ride 24. Stunning day! Really bright, high 60's . Turned Sherlock out in outdoor arena, groomed, very muddy but I cleared a spot for the saddle. Super-nice smooth canter in turnout- I can't wait to sit that canter. His belly was a little tight so very light work under saddle, walking, strong walk, light trot. Steering over a few poles, single, double then a set of 4. Steering a bit tricky in rope halter, esp at trot, but did well.

Monday 3/10 Ride 25. Worked at ST, came home early and did some mud cleaning. Picked up feet well, put up with lots of Showsheen in forelock and mane. Areas that were heavily Showsheened are staying cleaner. BUT Showsheen may cause the saddle to slip. So the one area I'd like to stay clean I don't really want to Showsheen. I will probably do it anyway and take the chance. Cleaned him up some, ran out of time before Chiropractor Appointment so rode about 20 minutes, light work w/t but trotted pair of poles. Much more forward when I am carrying the crop on the side he can see it. Snoopy's people working in indoor, Sherlock had to go see them as they were in the shade, hard for him to see. Sniffed all the kids and behaved very well.

Tuesday 3/11  G came down with a stomach virus. It was cold and nasty all day with horizontal blowing snow, perfect for a trip to Urgent Care and 2 pharmacies for meds. Exhausted. Worked a little from home.

Wed 3/12 G still sick and needs someone here to help. I'm very paranoid about my stomach and am watching its every move. I do not want to get sick.

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