Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6- ouchie, new neighbor

This week the weather was crazy, with high winds, light snow, and one day of freezing rain.
Our local therapeutic riding center had their yearly tack sale and I got Sherlock a winter blanket. Of course it was still out getting washed when the freezing rain arrived, so he had to wear the old one this last time.

Saturday the 5th I got Sherlock out to ride. After I closed the gate behind us I realized his halter was quite loose. I reached over the adjust it and startled him, and he hit me with his head, then stood there looking quite shocked and the untied halter fell off. I said "whoa" and "it's okay" and "oh my aching head", clambered up, and put the halter back on him.

Not much in the mood to ride any longer, I took Sherlock to the outdoor arena where we schooled walking over and through the flower box jumps. Then I lunged him over them, and went back to the barn for grooming- and grain, which he flung all over the aisle. People going out to ride told me he has respect issues if he hit me with his head. How can I explain he can't see me? Or am I letting him get away with too much?

I was a little grumpy with him going back to the paddock (headache!), so no grazing allowed and I got tired of him stopping and drove him a little to make him move. When I returned to the barn to clean up, T was there getting a stall ready for her new OTTB, Rocket. Talking to her really cheered me up.

Icepack on my head in the evening. And the hip I landed on stiffened up. Downton Abbey, Aleve and hot chocolate to the rescue! Did some research, esp. on the Blind Horse Rescue site, and Blind Horse Care and decided getting bumped is just part of having a sight-impaired horse. I do want to practice my ground work, but I can't get mad at him for not seeing me. Still, he saw my hand moving, where he used to see nothing. The eye is improving. Called Dr. Deb, the horse chiropractor.

Sunday I did some work cleaning in the garage, broke down a ton of boxes and got the leg-straightener thingies off my synthetic leather saddle to take it for trading. They keep the torque off the kness when riding Western. Anyway, I took the saddle up to Berthoud to meet a gal wanting to trade. We had coffee and talked horses, great a good time. We even both worked at Bi-Polar Farm, her just a couple years ago. Sounds like not much had changed.

So I brought her saddle back to try on Sherlock. I saw that the new horse had arrived ansd he was eating. Just after I set the saddle down and got Sherlock's grain made and wet down for less flinging, T and her sister arrived and I helped them put together a likit toy and chatted. Rocket just arrtived from Golden Gate Fields- he is also a 5yo bay gelding. He is sired by Street Cry, Zenyatta's sire! Some kind of TB royalty we have around here nowadays.

I went and got Sherlock from the paddock where they were still eating- Maybe they had some lunch, he could use a few more calories. Have to thank Tyler. Back to the barn, I put him in the cross-ties for his grain and he was pretty good. Many admirers.

Tried the saddle on, to some face-making. But I think it might be ok. Regina will be back Monday and I can have her take a look. I need a girth, but I was planning on buying a wool felt one anyway.

Free-longed Sherlock a few minutes in the indoor, he did very well even though he got a bit anxious when the rain began to make a lot of noise on the roof. He stopped and came to hide behind me. Said hello to Rocket through the bars, very calm, no squealing. Walked back to the paddock very nicely, better balance today. Great manners, very sweet today despite minor cookie begging.

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