Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14- Happy Birthday Sherlock!

This week the weather has been crazy again. Sherlock hasn't felt very well and lost some weight.

Wednesday I took the possible-trade saddle in for an estimate at Saddle Up. The saddle expert was there and we talked about what would need to be done but I didn't actually get a total price. Needs new tie strings, updated stirrup leathers and buckles, and a cinch holder-buckler. Plus a serious oiling. And I should probably buy new stirrups. I want these cool safety stirrups that I may have mentioned before...

Then Thursday my very good friend Foster heard me talking about saddles and he wants to gift me an old saddle of his. I have no idea how long it's been hanging around or what size or anything but I'm willing to take a look!

Friday I fed Sherlock in the barn. It's been nice to talk with V and T about their TBs.  V has a trailer and might be willing to do "Jack-in-the-Box trailer training". T's sister is a very experienced rider and could be a great help to all of us! Things in the Pony Paddock are much quieter with Taco relegated to the barn to be company for Rocket. Everyone eats together, no new bites (ok just one) and things just look peaceful again.

Sherlock, Annie and Zip.

Saturday AM I did some light free-longe with Sherlock in the indoor. He was a bit stiff turning left and didn't want to go that way at all, but walked out of it ok. Stretches, played with standing in the hula hoops, very nicely done.
Saturday PM G&A came along to the stable, A took pictures with his newly-cobbled-together antique camera while G held back from the shedding horses. Gave Sherlock grain with Banamine but it was still too warm for a blanket.

Sunday got up early, still light rain. Headed out to stable as it turned to snow. Gave Sherlock cookies and did stretches, put new blanket on.

Monday 14th. Arrived during breakfast, took blanket off and hand-curried some of the huge clumps of hair off. Good manners, very sweet.

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