Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8- ride 28, trade saddle

On Monday I didn't work. I went to the chiropractor instead, then came home and slept. After a nap I went  out to see Sherlock and to borrow a cinch to ride the possible trade saddle. L was kind enough to lend a cinch and I met another new boarder, M and her Arabian gelding.

Rode just a few minutes walking in the saddle but it fit well, might need a shim or half-pad at first, but a much better fit. Sherlock accepted a carrot from M and ate it in little teeny bites. So adventurous!
Sherlock shedding.

On Tuesday I went out for a short visit, but the weather was so stunning, finally sunny and 70 degrees, and the barn was opened up. So I brought Sherlock up to the indoor arena, groomed and did some free longing over a cavaletti (little tiny jump) which he did very well with. Then I lured him to walk over the crinkly tarp a few times with cookies. Gave him his grain and hand-grazed for a minute before escorting him home. Sherlock's manners have really been exceptional since the spook on Saturday.

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