Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15- Returns

Returned home to a desperately lonely Sherlock! Jo and company have kept him fly-sprayed and petted but it's clearly not the same as your very own person coming every day. Now that I've been back a couple days he's settled again. I do wish I had all day every day to hang out.

Washed and repaired his fly sheet, might need to change fly sprays as he's still a bit hivey. Still doesn't need a fly mask (and would Cimarron leave it on?) but stomping a bit, might need leg scrims, too.

Windy yesterday and had trouble getting him some turnout- the gates were out of control, one came back and hit him and startled him pretty bad. Hurt my pinky and strained my leg, I am super-stiff walking today and resorted to a cold pack. He did get a nice roll in, and galloped a bit before asking to come back. Today I just gave him some bran mash and put the clean sheet back on.

Lots of plans in the works. Side reins are in the mail from State Line Tack, with a sidepull-style rope halter that was too cheap to pass up. Still, I must be able to walk to do lunging, ground driving or even just get the saddle on and sit on him. Luckily the main work for this week is to get ready for the farrier. I hope I'm not fooling myself that holding up his feet will be easy work for my leg.

Looking for a new stable in the area that's got some pasture, better fly controls, and an English trainer. One sounds perfect of course, closer to home with trail riding lessons and they are members of the Arapahoe Hunt. But I have to afford it. So off to update my resume now, so I can be part-time job hunting tomorrow, so I can afford the stable Sherlock and I need.

Sherlock and Cimarron playing Blair Witch 

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