Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4- Many Photos

G went to the stable again with me this morning to take pics, so here is our light day's work- so hot already I didn't want Sherlock to sweat off his fly spray. Groomed quick, he was really good with his feet today, liked the stiffer brush today on itchy areas. Glad I didn't bring my saddle, he was pretty hivey today. Always curious-checking out the camera!

Went for a walk out to the back of the property to see the longhorns, he was walking pretty fast at first then settled in. Here we are checking out Jo's herd of mustangs.

And at the back arena. Cows are all lying down, maybe it will rain tomorrow? Forecast says nothing until Sunday.

Went to the round pen-again no trouble with the gate- and let him loose to roll, but he really just wanted to be scratched on the withers and shoulders.

I did just a bit of walk lunging, which I think will transfer into long-lining really easily. He's gotten quite good at this, such a smart fellow. I love the way he's just swinging easily along in this photo, this is with me on his seeing side but he's also doing well with me on the blind side.

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