Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28 -weekly wrap-up

Quiet riding week after Monday's fun- I had every intent to use my amusement at having a little scare to good purpose and really get going. But it didn't happen.

Sherlock has been hivey again right on the girth line so I haven't wanted to saddle him. I did a bit of work with the new felt pad under the surcingle, and even tried out the late-arriving side reins. He wasn't too sure about the side reins and I am not experienced with using them so we took it very slow, just leading with one on then the other. Surcingle slid back which didn't help the placement of the reins. Got Lissa's old breast collar out for next time. We've done more free-lunging which gives my shoulder a break and allows him to reverse as he sees fit. Reverses at speed a bit challenging but he's starting to get it- I need to talk more as I move to ask for the reverse from the blind side so he can hear that I am about to block him. "Now I'm stepping in front of you and ready to... reverse!"

itchy, so itchy
The weather has been humid but a little cooler, so he has been feeling good, though a bit footsore from being newly barefoot. So he'll get playing and then have to slow down a bit to ease his feet. That has already been wearing off a bit.

I went to some of the local tack shops handing out resumes, and looking at used English bridles and ancient felt saddle pads. I was really pleased at the ladies at one place who seemed really excited about more help, but when I brought their application back the next day it was a completely different story. Self-doubt rush- is it my handwriting? my tattoos? my not-as-Western clothes? my salary requirements? Feels like a lot of rejection issues popping up this week to be dealt with.

I also called and visited several local stables and found a brand-new boarding stable very close to home. It's a very small place but has a trainer on-site, a drylot pasture with wooden fencing, and good fly controls (easier with only 20 horses). I really liked the stable manager and the owners, and I'm planning to move Sherlock on Friday next. I will miss the DC, it has been a great start for Sherlock and me, but it just doesn't feel like home without Jo.

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