Monday, August 5, 2013

August 4- Trailering Double Fail

Sherlock and I have been getting ready to move to the new stable, CES, which is very close to my house and is a little tiny place, so less buggy. With a wood-fenced group drylot pasture which should suit well.

Friday Sherlock was very ratty, angry and biting at poor little Shoshoni and being quite bad with his hind feet, but I got him doused with the new natural fly-spray and feet cleaned and finished up well.

Saturday he wouldn't get in the trailer.
Sunday he wouldn't get in the trailer.

Gimme mints!
I am learning a lot about my horse and what makes him tick. He hates increases in pressure and pushes back hard. He settles back from stressors quickly and becomes his friendly self again, with no grudge holding. He trusts me more than anyone else and he watches me every second.

And I'm noticing that people can't seem to remember that he can't see. He can't react to your rope-twirling with a nice sidepass if he doesn't know you're doing it. It has made clear to me that I have GOT to support Sherlock as he learns, to advocate for him. To remind anyone who works with him and me that we need to communicate with him differently, using our words and touches intelligently when he can't see the cues. I have a responsibility to create the cues that he best understands and use them, and make sure others use them.

Wish me luck.

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