Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31- Ride #7, sick day

Horrible head cold all week but still had to work since my boss was out of town. Hard to hold down the fort with half a brain. Hopefully not too many mistakes.

Training journal again to the rescue.
Sunday- Ride #7. Took Sherlock away from his breakfast. Quick groom and fly spray, knelt when cleaning R front foot. Saddle and rope halter. Balance checked when dismounting. New riser pad makes back od saddle really high.  Just a few minutes walking to check saddle fit. Cantle too high. Impressed that he takes such good care of me even when he isn't feeling 100%.

Monday- Gave grain (CoolCalories added) and groomed. Very good boy. No balance checks but didn't work. Fly sheet back on. New bites L barrel, Blackie back in pasture. T told me they are getting an increase in alfalfa/grass hay this week.

Wednesday- Fed grain- held the bucket waist-high and he stood more square while he ate. Looks good, cheerful. Watching for loose stools with CoolCalories but no problems.

Thursday-Fed on the other side of the shelter. This area seems to vanish out of the consciousness of the other horses. Nice quiet feeding time and he doesn't spill as much if he's not always looking.

Friday- Fed on the other side of the shelter. Sherlock remembered once I called him and came right around. Some new bites and a scrape inner L cannon bone. All healing well, Fly sheet home to be washed.

Saturday- Fed on the other side of the shelter. Sherlock waiting for me at the gate remembered and came around. Trying to be quiet witht he grain so the others don't realize what they're missing. Added flax seed with 1/2 scoop CoolCalories and he really cleaned it up. Measured again for blanket, 72 inches should be a better fit. Weight taped 874#. Too thin but looks better than before move to pony pasture.

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